Alex Porat – dimension

I have to admit that I’ve had ‘dimension’ playing on loop since I first heard it earlier; Toronto-based singer-songwriter Alex Porat has created one of the sexiest pieces of disco-pop so far this year. This is a sleek yet understated bop that you will instantly fall in love with.

“’dimension’ is about being tormented by the idea of wanting someone you can’t have. No matter how hard you try to get this person out of your head you just can’t seem to get rid of them. This song is an acceptance speech acknowledging that some relationships aren’t meant to be, but imagining a world where it could work out.”

Alex Porat

Alex Porat – girlfriend

The Canadian pop starlet is back with a track that flips the script on the typical aloofness that boys show when they’re dating, and takes the upper hand for herself.

“I always found it so annoying how guys could get away with doing the most relationship-like things and acting like a boyfriend but then turn around and say that they are not in a relationship. So this time I wanted to flip that perspective, and this is my take.”

Alex Porat

New Music: Alex Porat

How lovely is this sound? A finessed soft pop sound, wrapped in fragility and melancholy.

“The theme of this song is a situation that I find comes up often. When you go through a break-up, everything that person does online is now in your face and you want them to think you’re okay with them moving on when you’re not. For this track we wanted it to be super introspective and feel kind of dream-like since you’re not actually saying these lyrics out loud.”

Alex Porat