Alice Merton – Same Team

Berlin-based musician Alice Merton returns with an addictive alt-pop banger in the form of new single ‘Same Team’.

Taken from Merton’s forthcoming sophomore album, the production provides listeners with a jolting, electro-meets-industrial explosion of energy that contrasts beautifully against the song’s deep sense of introspection.

“‘Same Team’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I had been going through a lot of personal and work-related conflicts. I felt like I had been pulled into worlds that I didn’t understand, and having conversations with people in which we just didn’t speak the same language. A team goes through ups and downs, but often pulls together to become even stronger-but in some cases it does the exact opposite. I started to question: what do Ido if that team makes me doubt myself and the decisions that we make?”

New album S.I.D.E.S. is out on 17th June 2022 via Paper Plane Records Int.

Alice Merton

Alice Merton – Vertigo

A tremendously epic blend of indie-rock and pop from German talent Alice Merton. This star has really rocketed to fame in recent years, with over 620 cumulative streams across all her music and also serving as a judge on the German edition of ‘The Voice’.

‘Vertigo’ was inspired by a real-life incident where she randomly started to feel dizzy, and had a rush of vertigo while waiting to enter a Berlin nightclub.

“I felt so helpless the next morning. How is it possible to love playing in front of huge audiences, when you feel anxious about being judged by strangers in public? All I could think was, why can’t I let go?”

Alice Merton