ALITA – It Takes Two

ALITA consistently creates pop songs that not only sound amazing, but have very captivating lyricism at their core. ‘It Takes Two’ is no different, and it’s message is one that I think we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

“‘It Takes Two’ is a coming of age song at its core. It’s about recognising that in every relationship, there are always two people participating and deciding to give it their time and energy. I hope it encourages people to look at their own relationships and what they participate in from a different perspective.”


ALITA – I’m Not Your Mother

Washington-native ALITA has unleashed one of the finest slices of pop-RnB that I’ve head the pleasure of listening to all week.

The track flows with a cinematic flair that gives us a sense of nostalgia, which contrasts beautifully against the refreshingly bold lyricism.

“A song about resistance and self-discovery in the face of modern romance; it explores the implicit and explicit expectations placed on women throughout history. And how empowering it feels to set yourself free from carrying someone else’s emotions on your back.” 


ALITA – Bodies

One of the finest power-pop songs sent to me this week. A sound that masterfully embodies the sensuality and the strength of being a woman, by Seattle-based songstress ALITA.

“I’d wanted to write a song like ‘Bodies’ for a long time, but felt like the unconscious biases in the room would affect my writing and my openness… I was worried the heart of it would get lost in translation. Eventually I realised that I had all of the instinct to explore it by myself, so I did.”


New Music: ALITA

“‘Human Nature’ is a song about fatal attraction. It explores the subconscious, unhealthy stories we learn as children that end up informing toxic romantic behaviour as adults.”