Anna O – Set It On Fire

Australian pop starlet Anna O returns today with one of her most powerful and personal releases to date.

‘Set It On Fire’ is a reflective song that takes its inspiration from Anna O’s recent life changes, and addresses the internal struggles and frustrations that we battle within ourselves. Elaborating further on the lyricism, the artist explains:

“It’s no surprise that lyrically it was still about this season of life that I was in the thick of.. . post-natal depression, stay at home mum, no understanding or diagnosis yet for me or my boys. Still unmedicated because I was too scared. One morning at some inhumane hour I lay awake staring into the dark after feeding my baby boy back to sleep. I was agitated and frustrated, but then this sense came over me that I was about to write a song, which is how songwriting tends to work for me.”

Anna O has become one of Australia’s most admired alt-pop musicians, and has garnered praise from heavyweight outlets like Triple J and AAA Backstage. To date, this talent has amassed more than 400k streams on Spotify alone, in part to her widely acclaimed 2015 debut EP, ‘Symphony’.

Anna O