Apollo Mighty – Smile

Some of the most blissful RnB and soul tones you will likely hear today come from Chicago-based talent Apollo Mighty, who’s new single ‘Smile’ is nothing short of being utterly sublime.

The song explores the initial feelings of finding happiness and love in someone else, and the excitement that comes with those moments.

“When I wrote the song I pictured a girl waking up the morning after she had a great first date with someone. She’s recalling all the little moments that made her heart race. I really enjoyed the imagery of her catching herself smiling throughout the day. There’s  something really sweet and innocent about that kind of excitement. And it feels good to give yourself permission to be excited about something. Nowadays I think we all need something that sparks our joy and making this song was that for me.”

Apollo Mighty

H3LLO + Apollo Mighty – Talk

Powerful soul vocals by Apollo Mighty glide through this mellow dance production from Swedish outfit H3LLO in perfect harmony.

Apollo Mighty | H3LLO