Beck Pete – April Fools in February

American pop artist Beck Pete offers a tongue in cheek outlook on love with the release of her infectiously catchy new alt-jam ‘April Fools in February’.

While drawing inspiration from Pete’s tendency to learn life’s lessons the hard way, the song chooses to lighten the load of heartbreak – by allowing herself and the listeners to laugh at it together.

“If I wouldn’t have stayed in a hotel that night, With free HBO and room to decide. Oh maybe we’d have figured out a way to get by. Cheat codes always would have been assigned to your side, I’ve never said sorry so much. And neither have you, it’s fucked up”

April Fools in February

Taken from the new EP ‘Scared of Everything, Pt. 1’, which is out now.

Beck Pete

Beck Pete – Romantic

Quick off the heels of her previous hit ‘Softie,’ alt-pop artist Beck Pete unveils the next track off of her upcoming project.

New single ‘Romantic’ calls on viewers to let go of the things that we cannot control, and embrace the beauty of it all by allowing each moment to take us on a ride.

“At the risk of sounding more hippie than I choose to admit I am, haha, I think we can all agree that there’s a very nuanced beauty and romance to this life, our part in it, and how one thing always leads to another. Even if we aren’t able to access joy as a result of it all of the time, we can at the very least acknowledge that the sparkly parts are ever-present.”

Beck Pete

Beck Pete – Softie

American artist Beck Pete returns with a truly outstanding slice of alt-pop in the form of new single ‘Softie’.

Initially written as a mode of self-healing, the song serves as a sonically robust anthem rooted in the message that the right lover will fight for you once you love yourself.

“This song is about internalising your own worth, and in this instance, taking a step back and letting others realise it too. I whisper sang this song over and over to myself in my room with wet cheeks and tired eyes until I finally was able to truly know mine, and if someone else is able to do the same, I’ve done my job.”

Beck Pete