BENTLE – Darkest Blue

It’s not as though you need even more reasons to fall in love with Australian talent BENTLE’s work, but today’s unveiling of shimmering new single ‘Darkest Blue’ might well solidify this New York-based artist as one of your favourite indie-pop newcomers. Elaborating on the beautifully dreamy release, BENTLE explains:

“‘Darkest Blue’ is very much about the connection between colour, texture and circumstance. There’s been a few times over the past year where it feels like I’m not able to stop myself from sinking or falling into a certain state of mind or state of being. ‘Darkest Blue’ is kind of an exploration of that falling sinking feeling and what it would feel like if I embraced it…the visual I had when writing the song was that I fell into the night sky (which was scary and unknown) but I woke up in this ethereal new environment where, though it was still unknown, it was equally intriguing and enlightening.”

BENTLE is the musical project of singer, songwriter and producer Josh McVey. As an accomplished musician, McVey writes and produces all of his own work by himself, and is currently readying the release of his forthcoming debut EP.



Australia’s BENTLE is crafting some of the finest downtempo RnB you could ask for in 2020. Emotive melodies and silky smooth vocals gliding through dreamy and soulful tones. Pure bliss…

“’ABOUT YOU (ABOUT ME)’ is like a voice memo to myself reminding me how we’re often quick to notice the most insecure parts of ourselves in others, when instead we should be much more gentle and aware. Gently embracing those parts of ourselves and letting others love us in our entirety.”