BETSIE GØLD – Overwhelming

The creator of her own self-described ‘BITCH PØP’ sound, BETSIE GØLD is back with one of those songs that stays locked in your head hours after you first play it. Which is fine by me, since it’s a slice of cute bliss.

“It’s about being completely overcome with every single emotion possible when starting a relationship with someone new after a really long time. It’s exciting, terrifying, fun, anxiety inducing. We basically made a list of everything that makes us feel overwhelmed or over stimulated and added a melody to it.”



“I was feeling totally overwhelmed with not knowing when the world would be allowed to go back out again. I conjured up this idea that LA is such a dreamy place with no worries or cares and it seems like everything is always fine. That’s what inspired the line “Take me to LA, where the grass is greener and I don’t have to feel, yeah”. It was the thought that being anywhere but home would make this all seem more normal.”


BETSIE GØLD – Friday the 13th

Because pop music is a wonderful thing, the story goes that this song evolved from a cactus falling from a shelf directly onto the producer’s face, on a Friday the 13th. The track summarises Betsie Gold’s thoughts…

“Even when I’m in a great place I always assume something is going to go wrong, instead of just enjoying the moment. The song pretty much wrote itself as it’s a true representation of my mindset and track record… I guess I’m an optimistic pessimist.”