Bonbon Anglais – Stalemate

And so, the mystery that is Bonbon Anglais continues… All we know is that he’s an unknown artist on the 1st Gen Label of Anthony Kilhoffer.

There is no doubt that the talent is exceptional. And in a way, not knowing who’s really behind the songs yet allows us to focus on the high quality of this sound.

Bonbon Anglais

Bonbon Anglais – All Along

On a first glance this seems like a simple pop track, but give it a few seconds and this becomes the catchiest song you’ll face all day.

Bonbon Anglais

New Music: Bonbon Anglais

There’s not much out there about this talent yet, but this sound is too polished and brilliant to have been done by a newbie. So it’ll be interesting to see who’s behind it!

Bonbon Anglais