New Music: Abc Dialect

French disco seems to be one of those styles of music that everyone has a love for, so it’s always a happy day at Alfitude HQ when we get to share new sounds from the genre.

Producer duo Abc Dialect originate from the cities of London and Buenos Aires, but create work from their own bespoke studio in Barcelona.

Finessed new single ‘Our Love’ features some impressive talent – including Jamiroquai’s Derrick Mckenzie on drum duty and Breakbot’s Delafleur on vocals.

Melodic, dreamy and nostalgic in tone, the song may well guarantee Abc Dialect as one of your new disco favourites.

Abc Dialect

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Break of Dawn

breakbot by your side

Two of my favourite French disco masters, Dimitri From Paris presents a remix of Breakbot’s ‘Break of Dawn’. Have a brilliant weekend! Oh and it’s a free download…

Free Download: Breakbot ‘Lazy Sunday Selecta Mixtape’

Breakbot is a favourite of mine at the moment. This is a free mixtape made by the French housey-pop master to chill out your Sunday with style.

Why I love Cassius

Cassius– do you remember them? A really long time ago they released this:

I still remember being at school when it came out, and being too young to go out clubbing I was just so jealous that there were older kids getting drunk in clubs dancing to this. It was followed up with this little lo-stomper:

I would later discover that there’s was nothing ultra cool about clubbing at all. But while this song was out, to me, I just imagined this amazing nightlife where anything was possible. And then Cassius went a bit quiet. They carried on making tunes like this one with Jocelyn Brown:

… but they just weren’t as good as old Cassius. As time went by, so did my memory of Cassius, and how they made me feel so funky as a kid. Then, while trawling through some blogs on Valentine’s night this year, all alone and single, I see one blogger posting this piece of pure Cassius genius on their page:

… I mean, it’s new, but sounds like something they would have done back in 1999. I don’t hear many new songs these days that make me feel 15 again, but this was definitely one of those tracks. They’ve signed up to the amazingĀ Ed Banger label, home of Justice, Mr Oizo, Uffie, DJ Mehdi and SebastiAn. Their new signing, Breakbot, is pretty fresh. So thank you Cassius for coming back and being spectacular- I feel like anĀ indestructibleĀ teen again!

New Music: Jamaica

French electro/ indie from the Ed Banger family. More sensible than Breakbot but a more playful than DJ Mehdi. Will see them in London at Barfly tommorrow. Check out here.