Bryar – Self Sabotage

No stranger to the Alfitude pages, Bryar returns today with a beautifully emotive piece of electro-pop that offers us a glimpse into the artist’s personal struggles.

“This song is like a page out of my diary. A very honest and hard look at myself and my bad habits that might keep me from better relationships. But I’m also really good at blaming myself and making myself the bad guy. So by the end of unraveling my thoughts I got to a place where I accepted myself and my issues and decided to love it all and be ok with not being perfect.”


Bryar – Neon Signs

I’ve been a fan of Bryar for quite some time. Her thoughtful and carefully considered approach towards writing pop songs has always impressed me, and new single ‘Neon Signs’ is no different.

“This song is a nostalgic look at youth and the freedom that comes with it. It is upbeat with undertones of melancholia.”