Now is the time to get involved and help to #saveourvenues

The Music Venue Trust has just launched a new initiative to try and help at least 556 grassroots music venues around the UK that are in danger of shutting their doors for good (like Bush Hall, pictured above, which has been my local venue pretty much most of my adult life) as a result of the Corona Virus lockdown.

Head on over to the Save Our Venues National Campaign Crowdfunder and try to support with whatever you can. These smaller venues have to stay open so we can continue nurturing the quality of home-grown talent that the world has come to expect from UK.

“The UK live music industry is staring into the abyss right now. I’m not able to save the whole thing on my own, but I decided to do a series of livestream shows to raise money for specific independent venues that I know and love, and that are in serious risk of disappearing right now. The success of these shows demonstrated the love that exists between music fans and their favourite grassroots music venues so the #saveourvenues campaign is a brilliant way of building on that and hopefully giving artists and music fans a chance to get involved and play a big part in helping them survive.” – Frank Turner

Live: Jack & Jack at Bush Hall London

Popped by Bush Hall last night to catch Jack & Jack for their London show. They’ve got seriously loyal fans… that’s all I can say! Good pop!

Jack & Jack

Live: Christophe Willem at Bush Hall

I’ve been to Bush Hall more times than I can remember (I even based my university dissertation on the place), but I don’t think I’ve seen it so beautifully lit up as it was tonight. Such a great show, and the crowd there was loving every minute of it. This was French pop at it’s most fabulous and campest. Check him out!

Live: Juan Zelada at Bush Hall

I had some tickets organised for me on Friday to see Juan Zelada at the amazingly beautiful (and super warm) Bush Hall in London. I wasn’t expecting this gig to be as good as it turned out to be, which was a really good surprise.

This guy’s full of mad energy, and his tracks really kick to life when they’re played live. See him if you can, it’s fun!

Live: Chew Lips at Bush Hall

Tonight seemed to be a bit of a showcase for Chew Lips‘ new songs coming off their second album. I must admit, I’m not very clued up on these guys but from the songs they played which I did recognise, I really enjoyed myself. The ones I didn’t know were still fun to hear, although I felt a bit out of touch compared to their crazy obsessed fans.

Overall, a pretty nice little gig. And I keep saying this to people- Bush Hall is the most gorgeous little venue in west London- you all must see something there!