Live: Jack & Jack at Bush Hall London

Popped by Bush Hall last night to catch Jack & Jack for their London show. They’ve got seriously loyal fans… that’s all I can say! Good pop!

Jack & Jack


Live: Christophe Willem at Bush Hall

I’ve been to Bush Hall more times than I can remember (I even based my university dissertation on the place), but I don’t think I’ve seen it so beautifully lit up as it was tonight. Such a great show, and the crowd there was loving every minute of it. This was French pop at it’s most fabulous and campest. Check him out!

Live: Juan Zelada at Bush Hall

I had some tickets organised for me on Friday to see Juan Zelada at the amazingly beautiful (and super warm) Bush Hall in London. I wasn’t expecting this gig to be as good as it turned out to be, which was a really good surprise.

This guy’s full of mad energy, and his tracks really kick to life when they’re played live. See him if you can, it’s fun!

Live: Chew Lips at Bush Hall

Tonight seemed to be a bit of a showcase for Chew Lips‘ new songs coming off their second album. I must admit, I’m not very clued up on these guys but from the songs they played which I did recognise, I really enjoyed myself. The ones I didn’t know were still fun to hear, although I felt a bit out of touch compared to their crazy obsessed fans.

Overall, a pretty nice little gig. And I keep saying this to people- Bush Hall is the most gorgeous little venue in west London- you all must see something there!