Yseult – BAD BOY

Yseult has been a mainstream talent in her homeland of France for a good while now.

And while music in the French language doesn’t always carry through easily to countries that don’t speak the language, this release has been considerable attention across the continent.

It’s a stunning song that is beautiful exactly as it is; even if you aren’t able to understand the lyrics!


Live: Sebastien Tellier at Shepherds Bush Empire

sebastien tellier shepherds bush empire london

sebastien tellier shepherds bush empire london 2

This gig happened on Wednesday but I’ve been so busy this is the first chance I’ve been able to put a couple of pictures up. This man is a musical legend in my eyes. I think he was as confused as we all were during this set, but whatever sounds came out of the speakers was genius.

New Music: Owlle


I don’t really know what’s going on here but this track is as catchy as it gets with French disco. Check out here.

New Music: O Safari

o safari

Is French disco making a comeback? It’s the best it’s been in a really long time! This is brilliant! Check out here.

New Music: Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall is a one-time moniker of DJ/Producers Riton and Canblaster. They’ve come up with a sound that could pass as classic N*E*R*D. It’s infectiously synthy and heavy. Check out here.

Live: Christophe Willem at Bush Hall

I’ve been to Bush Hall more times than I can remember (I even based my university dissertation on the place), but I don’t think I’ve seen it so beautifully lit up as it was tonight. Such a great show, and the crowd there was loving every minute of it. This was French pop at it’s most fabulous and campest. Check him out!

Interview: Quickfire with Christophe Willem


Christophe Willem is somewhat of a household name in his native France  after selling over a million copies of his debut, Inventaire.

To celebrate the launch of his new record (above), he’s playing a show in London on November 28th at the magnificent Bush Hall in West London.

Here’s a quick few questions I threw at him ahead of the gig, to which you can still get tickets for!

For people outside of France who may not have heard of you, how did you become such a well known French pop star?

It all happened by coincidence as I got applied to the Nouvelle Star (French Idol) in 2005 and it developed quickly from there.

Did you anticipate the success that came with your debut album?

To be honest – not at all, I was at that time at university, joined the show, did win and boom my life changed and sold almost 1 million copies of the debut album, went on my first tour etc. All came so quickly and by surprise.

How do you feel you have evolved musically since your debut album?

Always changing, I was always more influenced by international music than by french variety, every album I try something new and the next one – who knows. I love to change.

What has been your favourite song to sing live?

I have two – ‘Human Nature’ by Michael Jackson and ‘Why’ by Eurythmics, loving Annie Lennox.

Are you looking forward to performing at Bush Hall? Where has been your favourite place to perform in?

This is my first show ever in London and I love tp play in a venue like the Bush Hall, great size, great atmosphere and I do like the artists that perform there. Very much looking forward to it!

Christophe Willem plays Bush Hall November 28th 2012.

French disco to start the week

What is it about French disco that makes people so happy? This remix of Killtronic’s ‘Paris La Nuit’ by Tétré is a perfect way to start the week.

Live: Woodkid at Queen Elizabeth Hall London

I don’t want to say much about what I saw Woodkid do this evening at the Southbank Centre, just because it was indescribably huge and needs to be experienced in the real. All I can say though is… awe-inspiringly epic and perfect. Probably one of the best gigs I’ve been to, period.

Sebastien Tellier tours the UK in December!

One of my favourite Frenchies is coming to the UK in December for a series of dates around the country. I saw him once in London and it was ridiculously good. He’s also releasing a couple of new remix EP’s- find out more here.

First Listen: Christophe Willem ‘Love Shot Me Down’

So, I must admit I’m a fan of this French pop star. At a first listen you would think it’s a girl’s vocal, but it isn’t. And that’s what makes Christophe Willem’s voice so extraordinary. His brilliant first album ‘Inventaire’ was released in 2008 sold over  900.000 units in France alone. He’s playing London’s Bush Hall on Wednesday 28th November- be sure to catch him if you can!

New Music: Tomorrow’s World

This duo consists of two people you may already know; Jean-Benoit Dunckel of French band Air and former New Young Pony Club vocalist Lou Hayter. Check out here.

Sunday French Disco

It’s been some time since I’ve posted some French disco, so I’m happy to share this EP sampler from JANSKI Beeeats with you. It’s trademark French electro right from the start, which is good. Very good.

New Music: De Andria

I haven’t featured any up and coming French disco for some time- just because I haven’t heard anything worth posting. Until I hear De Andria’s funky,Check out here.

Norman Doray ‘Cracks’ (feat. Andreas Moe)

This is a new cut by French DJ Norman Doray. I really can’t get enough of Andreas Moe’s voice.