Live: Juan Zelada at Bush Hall

I had some tickets organised for me on Friday to see Juan Zelada at the amazingly beautiful (and super warm) Bush Hall in London. I wasn’t expecting this gig to be as good as it turned out to be, which was a really good surprise.

This guy’s full of mad energy, and his tracks really kick to life when they’re played live. See him if you can, it’s fun!

First Watch: Juan Zelada ‘What Do I Know’

Well this is fun. Juan Zelada’s new single ‘What Do I Know’ is out with Decca Records on 13th February 2012. The new single was named ‘Record of the Week’ on BBC Radio 2 and is currently on their A play list.

New Music: Juan Zelada

Juan Zelada has already been enjoying slots touring with the likes of Amy Winehouse. Now he’s just become one of the few unsigned artists to be announced as Radio 2’s Record of The Week with his single ‘Breakfast in Spitalfields’. Check out here.