Cam M. – Karma

American alt-pop artist Cam M. is back today with deliciously dark new track in the form of ‘karma’.

Produced by GrizD, the song starts with a haunting beginning, slowly bringing in soft beats and a steady guitar that creates the perfect backing for Cam’s vocals to shine through.

With its refreshingly honest lyricism, the track conveys the message that sometimes things don’t always have the wanted reaction.

“I wrote this song after finding out about a false rumour that had caused me to lose a lot of my friends. This song is about how manipulating others can backfire and leave you lonelier than the people you tried to hurt.”

Cam M.

Cam M. – burn <3

Photo / Anahita von Andrian

Emerging American teen talent Cam M. is back today with a dark and yet intriguing blend of indie and pop. ‘burn <3′ sees this 18-year old artist deliver a sound that is rich in character and refreshingly experimental.

“‘burn <3’ is about not giving the satisfaction of intimacy to someone who has hurt me, even if I am attracted to them. There are multiple rather personal stories behind this song, but I’ve essentially developed too much pride and self-respect to romantically involve myself with people who cannot prove they deserve it. I cannot continue to allow myself to give more than I receive. This also a song that allows me to feel powerful against those who try to use my emotions and even more so, my body against me.”

Cam M.

New Music: Cam M.

Masterfully crafted indie-pop from the multi-talented 17 year-old singer and songwriter Cam M.

This artist summarises the essence of youth perfectly with the release of ‘all my friends are faded‘ – a song which carries a sense of teen anxiety that could either feel like a relatable experience to you now, or nostalgic one to oldies like me!

Cam M.