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capital cities vice

An impressive remix from Vice. I’m a sucker for horns on a dance track.

Free Download: Capital Cities ‘Kangaroo Court’

I rather like this track by Capital Cities. ┬áIt’s groovy and catchy and random.

Capital Cities do an amazing Prince cover

Capital Cities were featured on here last year and their cheeky, fresh blend of electropop has been used to make this pretty splendid cover of Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U‘. It seems to be a free download too.

New Music: Capital Cities

Electro pop with a bit of brass playing in the background, it’s all very LA. It took a couple of listens to get in to this, but it’s really lovely once you give it a chance. I specially like the bit where it all goes Hercules and Love Affair at 1:30 mark. Check out here.