Casper The Ghost – Cool Kids

Photo / Yoye Lapogian

One of the catchiest songs of the week comes courtesy of Swedish cross-genre duo Casper The Ghost.

As is typical with their recent run of singles, ‘Cool Kids’ is a polished and well-constructed pop-rock sound that also feels grounded, relatable and genuine in tone.

The track is taken from their freshly-released new EP ‘Holding on for dear life’, of which they say:

“It feels great to release this EP since it really represents what Casper The Ghost has become, and ‘Cool Kids’ is probably the best example. Our sound has developed a lot and we’ve both grown, as artists and people, which we hope will be heard when listening to the EP. Something that hasn’t changed though, is our collaboration and love of creation, that’s been constant since the beginning.”

‘Holding on for dear life’ is out now via Asylum | Casper The Ghost

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Casper The Ghost – Different

Swedish outfit Casper The Ghost return today with their punchy new single ‘Different’.

The acclaimed duo of Casper Brodin and Victor Hillbom have launched in to the new year with a sound that is more raw and intense than what we’ve heard before.

The song is all about finding the right person for you – which makes you want to be a better person.

“It’s about when you find that special someone, perhaps not the type of person you thought you’d end up with, but one who makes you a better version of yourself.”

Casper The Ghost

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Casper The Ghost + Jutes – BAD

Swedish duo Casper The Ghost join forces with Canadian shooting star Jutes to collaborate on one of the strongest pop-punk singles that I have come across in quite some time.

‘BAD’ is a raw yet exhilarating release featuring energetic vocals and playful drums, with a soundscape likened to Blink182, Kenny Hoopla and Travis Barker.

“Ever since we heard Jutes album ‘Overrated’ we’ve wanted to collaborate with him, and this felt like the perfect opportunity. ‘BAD’ is about a toxic relationship where you should, but do not dare, talk about your problems due to the fear that it will get worse. But in the end you just realise that it would never last anyway.” – Casper The Ghost

“I love the idea of collaborating with people in different parts of the world. Especially when we’re influenced by the same music, it ends up creating a unique spin on something familiar. When I heard the record from Casper the hook instantly got stuck in my head and I knew it was the one and I had to get on the song.” – Jutes

Casper The Ghost | Jutes