Catie Turner + Javier Bennett – god must hate me

The hugely talented singer-songwriter Catie Turner has tapped rising artist Javier Bennett for a beautifully emotive edit of her single ‘God Must Hate Me’.

Catie first teased the confessional track on her TikTok, quickly achieving more than a million views within a day of posting the video.

The song has since gone on to rack up over 22 million streams since November last year, and continues to be streamed over a million times a week just in the US alone.

“It’s easy to focus on the negatives of social media: everyone’s fighting, you’re comparing yourself to anything that moves, and your eyes burn from countless hours getting overloaded with information.”Catie Turner

Catie Turner | Javier Bennett

New Music: Catie Turner

Pop music doesn’t come more charming than this. American singer-songwriter Catie Turner blends potent and personal lyricism with soulful vocals to create a sound that is so easy to fall in love with.

‘Mama’ honours the bond that growing daughters have with their mothers, and how they will always need them no matter far they move away, or how old they get.

“I write too many songs about men who break my heart, so my mom deserves a song because she is the one there through it all. This is my Mother’s Day present to her and all the other incredible moms out there.”

Catie Turner