Che Lingo – VIBE CHECK (Palo Santo)

One of the most interesting UK artists to have emerged in recent years has been Che Lingo.

Now commanding over 290k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this ever-rising creative has proven himself to be one of the country’s most exciting talents.

Cinematic new single ‘VIBE CHECK (Palo Santo)’ is released through Idris Elba’s 7Wallace label, and showcases Che’s flair for creating powerful pieces of music that sound like none other.

“I was chilling with a lot of homies that were burning this wood (Palo Santo) at one point. The smell reminded me of when I was young, and things were clearer in the world. In life, if you learn anything as you grow, it’s that your environment and people can change in a heartbeat, so staying vigilant amidst the chaos outside is the best chance at both survival and evolution.”

Che Lingo