Childe – Two Thirds

British talent Childe returns today with a song that lays bare his feelings towards his father; a truly finessed slice of dark electronic pop, filled with intensity and emotion.

“‘Two Thirds’ is a song I tried to write for ages. It’s about going into reverse. It’s quite nostalgic grief, so there’s comfort in it. I started it in my bedroom so there are a bunch of distorted vocals in there recorded on a 58. Then we recorded it in LA in January just before COVID stopped the world. We wanted the song to grow the whole way through, so by the end it’s totally massive – sirens and all.”


New Music: Childe

A chilled and refined approach to indie electro pop from a new English talent and former BRIT school alum.

“It’s about loneliness and feeling isolated in a busy world. Fake friends and false conversations. I need to make sure I’m around the people who know me best or I can really lose it.”