Claire Rosinkranz – Frankenstein

Claire Rosinkranz has already garnered over *half-a-billion* streams to date, and still continues to win fans all over the world.

She returns today with an exceptionally quirky bop in the shape of ‘Frankenstein’, which sees Claire add her own spin to the song inspired by The Cardigans’ classic 90’s hit ‘Lovefool’.

“I imagine somebody who’s been in a bunch of past relationships, and they haven’t worked out for whatever reason. The guy is just too egotistical. So, you’re fed up and actually try to Frankenstein your perfect boy together. It’s honestly innocent, carefree, and cute.”

Claire Rosinkranz

Claire Rosinkranz – Backyard Boy (feat. Jeremy Zucker)

The original version of ‘Backyard Boy’ went viral very fast, and to this day it’s still an incredibly infectious slice of pop. Now it’s got some vocals from Jeremy Zucker and it’s just too damn good not to have on loop.

Check out the EP ‘BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd’ which is out now.

Claire Rosinkranz | Jeremy Zucker