clide – FALLIN UP

There really are very few pop musicians to have emerged in recent years who have managed to maintain as high a quality of workmanship as clide.

Following on from the release of his ‘ALLERGIC’ EP (out now), today sees the talented artist return with new single ‘FALLIN UP’, of which he says:

“‘FALLIN UP’ is the first of many songs that sheds a light on the bright side of love, rather than on the pain it used to cause me. Setting the tone for my upcoming project, it feels melancholic and euphoric to me at the same time. The perfect vibe for your chill playlist to get you through fall and winter.”

clide has grown to command more than 560k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, while songs like ‘broken parts’, ‘lost’ and ‘come back’ have helped this artist acquire well over 26 million catalogue streams to date.


clide – HOTEL ROOM

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, pop artist clide greets fans with uptempo track ‘HOTEL ROOM’.

Showcasing his ever-evolving musical sound, the guitar-driven song carries a punky essence and explores the complexities of love that aren’t often discussed during this time of year.

I’m cool, I’m cool with being friends, But I’m in your, in your bed again / I’m scared, too scared to make a move, Cause I can’t fall back in love with you


clide – kitchen floor

German-based talent clide is back today with indie-pop gem ‘kitchen floor’. A melancholy masterpiece, the song was inspired by the emotional consequences of a drunken fight – and what can happen when a little bit too much of the truth has been spilled.

“My demons keep on finding their way out of my mouth. I guess they’ve always been there, they’re just getting too loud”


clide – come over

German talent clide has been an Alfitude favourite for a good while now, and it’s amazing to see that this artist now commands over 400k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. When you press play on ‘come over’ you’ll realise why; this is beautifully constructed and emotive music that is sure to connect with all of us.

“I remember writing ‘come over’ in my bedroom almost two years ago, sitting there and thinking about that girl I used to see, that sadly wasn’t part of my life anymore. To me it’s just a song that’s really honest and pure, trying to say out loud what my feelings and the thoughts running through my head were telling me. I think I like the song so much, because it is so honest and real and I hope others can hear and feel that too…”

Taken from the beautiful new EP ‘feelings’ which is out now.


clide – come back

clide returns today with a release that cements this kid as one of my favourite talents from 2020. The track is so deeply moving in the most subtle and considered way.

Taken from the EP ‘in my mind’ which is out now.


clide – fallin

I fall in love a little more with each release from 20-year old clide. This track is a perfect slice of sad-pop, with a vocal that is so full of heartbreak and that it’s impossible not to feel moved.


The Companions x clide – Late Night

Dutch songwriting/ production duo The Companions return with a feel-good dance track featuring Berlin-based creative, clide today. It’s a melody-driven banger that’s easy to connect with, and perfect for the weekend.