cudos – highscore!

Rising American outfit cudos are back with a perfect weekend anthem for us all to enjoy.

Serving as a taster from their forthcoming debut album (scheduled for release later this year), ‘highscore’ is a refreshingly eccentric piece of music that blends elements of energising pop with synth. Elaborating on the lyricism, cudos explain:

“The song is about the inner battles you have with yourself when you’re constantly trying to 1UP yourself. In a lot of ways this song is a direct manifestation of itself, as it’s the first song we’ve both ever fully produced, written, recorded & engineered to come out. And to this point in the cudos project, it’s our favourite song we’ve ever finished.”

For those who have yet to come across this highly promising duo, cudos is a musical collaboration between childhood friends Alex Puchalski and Daniel Piper. Together, these two artists have created songs that have rapidly gained traction, resulting in more than a million catalogue streams on Spotify alone.


New Music: cudos

Hailing from New York, cudos are a jazzy dance-pop duo who blend upbeat sounds with sad Gen-Z vibes to create a sound that is not only distinctly unique but also totally relatable.

“‘FeelSad’ started out as a beat that we made last year in March. We created it when we were both feeling sort of down about certain relationships within our respective lives. We sat on the idea for about five or so months and then started shopping it around. We then linked up with Jake and wrote to it over zoom. It only took one session and it came out great. We then went back and forth on production and minor vocal edits and it eventually became what it is today.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Extra-Curriculars’ which is out now.