dee holt – Better

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This weekend’s alt-pop banger comes courtesy of emerging Canadian starlet dee holt, who has just unveiled her latest single, ‘Better’.

The track finds the Montreal-based artist addressing the inner demons that cause us to self-sabotage and look for the negatives in situations.

“This unconscious cycle of self-sabotage is what ‘Better’ is all about. It’s about always expecting the worst in others as well as yourself. It’s about getting into relationships and expecting it all to fall apart before it’s even begun. It’s about thinking that you’re ‘better left behind.’”

To date, holt has garnered praise from the likes of Billboard, TeenVogue, A1234, Early Rising and many more influential tastemaker outlets.

holt has also amassed more than six million career streams on Spotify from only a handful of singles, as well as her 2022 EP ‘When I Close My Eyes’.

dee holt

dee holt – Nobody Like You

Emerging teen starlet dee holt’s ‘Nobody Like You’ is the kind of pop bop that is guaranteed to stick in your minds all day, thanks to its catchy melody and strong sense of character that is utterly charming to listen to.

dee holt

New Music: dee holt

Rising Gen-Z artist dee holt has to be one of the most promising bedroom-pop talents to emerge from Canada right now.

Freshly signed to Nettwerk Records following the success of her single ‘Olivia’, today sees the launch of new release ‘drive around’.

“This song is about living life to its fullest with the person that you love. It’s about appreciating those small things, like going out for drives or drinking out on a boat late at night. It’s about falling in love and being able to let it all go. This song makes me feel happy and relaxed. It makes me smile. When I wrote this song, all I had in mind were all the small things that make me fall in love.”

dee holt