New Music: Harry Was Here

For those who are not familiar with Harry Was Here, this promising talent is an artist, producer, singer and songwriter based in LA.

Through a style of work that is refreshingly unique character, Harry Was Here creates songs that balance a current sound with hints of nostalgia.

‘Pet Giraffe’ presents listeners with a beautifully melancholic mix of alt-pop, indie and rock. Elaborating on the meaning behind the song, Harry Was Here explains:

“‘Pet Giraffe’ was written on a day that I was feeling really down for no reason. Lyrically inspired by Bob Dylan, the cryptic messaging comes from a deep place of sadness that always seems to be lurking. It’s that feeling that you are the weight bringing down the people around you. The pet giraffe symbolises an imaginary friend that wants to raise me up to see more clearly.”

Harry Was Here

Dutch Melrose – Calendar Girls

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have now featured US singer, songwriter and producer Dutch Melrose, which is a testament to just how talented this artist is.

Today he returns with another pop bop that’s both sarcastic and really quite funny, in the form of new single ‘Calendar Girls’. Get ready to have this track stick with you all day – it’s catchy as hell!

“Inspired by the movie ‘Mean Girls’ and every superficial Hollywood girl who is climbing her way to the top.”

Dutch Melrose

Dutch Melrose – Lucky Strike

With over 2.5 million streams worldwide from previous releases, LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Dutch Melrose is taking the independent artist lane by storm.

And with the release of ‘Lucky Strike’ he is now also serving us some premium bedroom pop. This is a dark and captivating sound that still manages to be playful and catchy.

Dutch Melrose