DYLAN – Someone Else

Consistently serving us with premium pop bangers, London-based artist DYLAN returns with an angsty offering in the form of new single ‘Someone Else’. This song is sure to hit the hearts of listeners who fall for somebody who’s already in love with somebody else.

“’Someone Else’ is very straight to the point song. There are no hidden meanings, it is simply about falling in love with someone that is in love with someone else, which obviously is a tad heartbreaking. The song started way sadder than it is now, and slowly the inner disbelief and anger seemed to take over the lyrics.”

You can catch Dylan at her newly added London headline date on 22nd February 2022.


DYLAN – Nineteen

Rising London pop newcomer DYLAN’s latest single ‘Nineteen’ is a gorgeous and uplifting ode to being young.

This is a song about the carefree joy of youth, of ‘blue dresses‘, ‘coffee and cigarettes‘ and ‘running from responsibilities‘.

“‘Nineteen’ is a nostalgic song about youth, love and heartbreak. It’s just about being young, and the summer of [being] 19 was so superior to every other summer because I had no responsibilities, and no school, and no reason to be anywhere.”


DYLAN – Good Enough

“I was really angry when I wrote this. I wasn’t even with the person I wrote it about, it was so messed up you could barely call it seeing each other. That person made me feel like I would never be good enough for anyone. I hurt for a very long time after it ended, but after I wrote it all down the hurt went away. Everything that was said I let get to my head, and it made me feel worthless, yet written down it was madness. I was never not good enough.”