Eli Moon – Stasis

I’ve made no secret how much in love I am with Eli Moon’s artistry. A new EP is released today and with it comes the single ‘Stasis’, a song that gives a feeling of introspection and solitariness.

“To be in a state of Stasis is to experience a slowing down of the normal flow of a bodily fluid such as blood… and I wrote the song at a time where my life had completely stagnated. My self-destructive behaviour had finally taken its toll and I was now stuck inside my house with nobody to talk to, nobody to meet and nobody who wanted to know me. I had taken my relationships for granted, and was now no use to anyone or anything. I guess that’s where the reference to the ‘fallen angel’ in the chorus comes from. The devil, the once trusted ‘guardian cherub,’ had abused his power and therefore was destined to endure eternal suffering. I felt like I had experienced a ‘fall’ of this nature. I had everything and everyone I wanted, but this only fed my ego and led me to make endless bad choices. I guess the song is an admittance of what I had become. It was like I was standing on a burning ship to hell, watching the world that was once mine, flourish without me and it was all my fault.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Angels, Devils and Empty Vessels’ which is out now via MERIDAN.

Eli Moon

Eli Moon – Phases

Eli Moon is one of the most exciting prospects to emerge from the UK over the last year in my view. And with each release comes a new side to the kid that consistently surprises and delights in equal measures.

“Life felt like a never ending cycle of the same activities, same people and I just needed to escape. In the song I deal with the existential crisis that I often find myself in, where I begin to question everyone and everything around me. ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘Is there meaning to any of this?’ I suppose the biggest question is ‘what if it never changes?’ And that’s how the song arose.”

Eli Moon

Eli Moon – killmeinmysleep

Gorgeously haunting and powerful with some of the most intense lyrics I have experienced all week.

“The song is an introspective expression of the both the inner turmoil I face everyday with not wanting to deal with people and the self-sabotaging results of that behaviour. With all that’s going on in the world today, I think it’s fair to say we have all found ourselves feeling claustrophobic and out of touch with reality and if this song can help ease the tension for just one individual, then I have done my job.”

Eli Moon