New Music: Erica Manzoli

Track of the week. One of the most exciting newcomers to emerge from the UK over the last few months, London-based singer, songwriter and musician Erica Manzoli crafts beautifully melodic pop sounds that carry honest and raw lyricism.

‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ was written during lockdown, and narrates the feelings of disconnect that were suffered during the pandemic.

“This song explores feelings of loneliness and the irony that connecting virtually disconnects you from reality. I’d lost all contact with my friends during lockdown and the only person I was speaking to on a regular basis was my therapist via Zoom. Being in your house for months and trying to navigate things like love and friendships entirely through our phones is extremely difficult and tiring. You can’t ‘read the room’ when you’re not physically in the room and although screen time often makes you feel worse, if you stop using them then it’s easy to lose contact with the outside world completely.”

Erica Manzoli