Motel 7 – Messing With Fire

Track of the week. In my humble opinion, it’s only a short matter of time before Californian duo Motel 7 reach global recognition for their superb approach to alt-pop.

Consisting of Anton Khabbaz and Dylan Jagger Lee, this outfit have the ability to seamlessly craft songs that create impact in the most thoughtful and balanced way imaginable.

“A friend of mine told me that this song reminded him of a Nirvana record, and I was like ‘hell yes.’ I feel like thats what we want to hear. Sometimes I’d rather have someone tell us our songs sound like some of the OGs such as Nirvana, rather than someone on Top 40 radio right now.” – Motel 7

Motel 7

New Music: Camylio

Track of the week. Already a talent with a significant online fandom (over 3.2 million TikTok followers alone), Camylio will undeniably hit the mainstream very rapidly.

And yet, this artist’s musicianship is impressive on it’s own standing. Raw and emotive vocals compliment a classic production that sets the tone for a hugely emotional song.

“When you’re in a relationship, you share music and playlists. As soon as everything goes wrong and falls apart, you can’t even listen to the songs associated with that person anymore. You’ve broken up, and you’re trying to get yourself together. You’re attempting to move on and put the pieces back together. However, all you can fixate on is if your ex is going through something similar.” 


Kay Young – White Teeth

Track of the week. Captivating lyricism takes centre stage on Kay Young’s latest release, ‘White Teeth’. This Londoner is not only a rapper and singer but also a producer, and in my view one of the UK’s most promising up and coming talents.

Kay Young

New Music: CHUALA

Track of the week. Best played exceptionally loud, ‘wake up!’ is a hugely exciting release from CHUALA, a left-field experimental artist who instills powerful lyricism into electronic sounds that immediately captivate and entrance you.

This track encourages the listener to share awareness over their hectic schedules by processing mental health, and indicating the importance of living in the moment.

“While ‘wake up!’ is also a kind of turn up song, it’s mostly a criticism to this idea, that all that matters is how much money you make, even if it means you never have time for anything else. a lot of us have totally submitted to a workaholic lifestyle and we wanna ‘out-busy’ each other. I felt very cynical when writing this song and chose the repetition in the lyrics to showcase the repetitive routines many people follow until they die.”


Joy Crookes – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Track of the week. Joy Crookes channels an essence of Amy Winehouse on new single ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’. A perfect blend of indie and soul, this is a sound that is sonically captivating and lyrically intelligent.

“This song is one of the most complicated songs I’ve ever written (in a good way). The track carries with it a deep sense of irony, it’s written from the perspective of someone who finds it easier to remain complicit out of a fear of being cancelled. During the social and political turmoil of the last 12 months, performative behaviour has become prevalent alongside cancel culture. These two reactions I think are often intertwined as cancel culture can be a response to half hearted performatism.”
“In some sense you can sympathise with the perspective I’m singing from because cancel culture is scary, as is re-educating yourself and challenging your friends and families. Ultimately I hope the song encourages people to be a bit braver, whilst the themes are clear in my head the chorus is universal – ‘man I guess I was scared, feet don’t fail me now, I got to stand my ground and though I’m down for trying, I am better in denial so I hush don’t make a sound’. Open up a dialogue, speak out, make mistakes – that’s okay and that’s how progress happens.”

Joy Crookes

New Music: SACHA

Track of the week. As far as debuts songs go, this has to be one of the stand-out releases I have heard so far this year.

A self-described grunge-pop songstress, SACHA is a Scottish-born and London-based artist who’s immense vocal immediately draws you in, while the epic production from Lewis Gardiner keeps you hooked from start to finish.

“’Something We’ll Regret’ is about my repetitive bad choices when it comes to men. I always go for someone I know is bad news or a situation that will inevitably end badly but can’t help myself! I had just broken up with my last boyfriend and started dating someone who had already told me he didn’t believe in monogamy! I knew this wasn’t going to work for me long term but couldn’t help myself as it was fun at the time – it’s about the mentality of going for things knowing that the outcome will most probably end in tears!”


ENNY – I Want


Track of the week. With over 28 million global streams to date from just a handful of singles, ENNY is without doubt one UK name that is firmly on everyone’s radar.

‘I Want’ is a sleek blend of RnB, pop and disco that’s finessed yet eccentric and boldly confident.

“This tune is deffo a significant song in my musical journey as it was the first song that Paya and I made together. We had no expectation, just vibes, London and some wavy weather. I hope this tune paints more of a picture into the world I’m coming from and the story of the EP. This is one to bubble to and motivate you to get up and get what you want!” 

Taken from the debut EP, which is out soon.


girl in red – body and mind

Track of the week. I didn’t ever think I would have a specific girl in red song be a favourite (since each release has been excellent to date), but I think ‘body and mind’ might be it.

“It’s that dissonance between your mind and who you are as a person… Sometimes it’s really hard to grasp that we’re actually just humans, even though we take that shit for granted every day. We walk around, eat our breakfast, eat our dinner, we’re talking to people. ‘Body And Mind’ was an outlet to express that I’ve gotten a deeper understanding of what it is to be human. Seeing what happens to your body but you don’t feel that happening to your body – it’s just a really weird thing.”

Taken from the critically acclaimed debut album ‘if i could make it go quiet’ which is out now.

girl in red

Agnes – 24 Hours

Track of the week. To put it simply, Agnes is one of Swedish pop’s all time icons. Since her debut back in 2005, this phenomenal artist has been releasing hits that have not only become a part her country’s music history, but also achieving worldwide attention.

Now she’s back with a banger of a track that flirts with the classic disco concept, all the while injecting a heady dose of the future into it. It’s an exhilarating song that has been on loop all day.


Cautious Clay – Wildfire

Track of the week – and dare I say, one of the finest that I have selected in recent months. You’ll already struggle to find anyone who doesn’t love Cautious Clay, but even by his own standards ‘Wildfire’ is a sublimely flawless piece of RnB.

Taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Deadpan Love’ which is out on 25th June 2021.

Cautious Clay

New Music: OCTAVIO the Dweeb

Track of the week. Sometimes a song plays and you know right from the start that the talent will take over the world.

Case in point: LA-based artist OCTAVIO the Dweeb and his release of ‘Someday I’ll Be Happy’. This is anthemic indie-pop at it’s finest, leaving you rooting for this kid to become the next big thing.

“We’re all dweebs in our own way – just trying to fit in and find ourselves. Some people just hide it better than others. I don’t know how the hell I’ve made it this far but we all love to root for an underdog and I’m rooting for me. Hopefully you are too :)”

OCTAVIO the Dweeb

New Music: Artemas

Track of the week. British artist Artemas has delivered one of the finest cuts of indie-pop that I have heard so far this year. This is a catchy bop that feels refreshingly raw and original, yet still easy to vibe along and connect with.


Aziya – Heaven For Me

Track of the week. With a perfect fusion of melodic pop and hazy psychedelic indie-rock, British musician Aziya has crafted one of the most sensational releases that I have heard all month.

Effortlessly cool yet enticing, ‘Heaven For Me’ takes you on a fantastically dreamy and kaleidoscopic journey.

“‘Heaven For Me’ is a romanticised and fantasised version of a very toxic relationship – it relays the story of someone in love with a person plagued by narcissism and inner demons. I’ve tried to depict the ill fate it brings to the one in love with that person. It’s a fairytale description of a very real scenario that happens in front of us everyday.”


anaiis – juno

Track of the week. A sublime fusion of RnB, soul and pop from French-Senegalese artist anaiis. This is an understated affair that flows with emotive tones and introspective lyricism.

“I wrote about being okay with not being okay, it’s not always easy to make space for ourselves when we are feeling so very low. When writing this song, I was looking for glimpses of solace whilst searching for ways to see beyond the confines of my thoughts and to find the little crack where I felt I had choice again.”


Emilie Adams – Play God

Track of the week. A stunning fusion of cinematic dark pop and electronica that grows in intensity the longer you listen.

A truly sensational piece of music from British-Norwegian talent Emilie Adams, ‘Play God’ could well be one of the finest songs you’ll experience all week.

“My music comes from a dark place, but the creative process is a positive one.”

Emilie Adams

New Music: Keni Can Fly

Track of the week. At 21-years old, Californian talent Keni Can Fly creates a captivating blend of hip hop and pop that’s packed with a youthful sense of energy, charm and character.

Keni Can Fly

The Beach – Still In Love

Track of the week. British talent The Beach (George Morgan) returns with a fantastic slice of alt-pop in the form of new single ‘Still In Love’, which was produced by and co-written with Fyfe.

While the song initially comes across as stripped-back and minimal in it’s concept, delve further and you’ll experience layers that are full of texture and character. The sound feels playful and animated while still maintaining an essence of raw emotion.

“Essentially a confession/ play by play of how I acted/ felt about my ex-girlfriend after we broke up. I convinced myself that I was over it but was brutally reminded I wasn’t when I bumped into her at a mutual friend’s birthday. You never know how you’re gonna react when you see an old flame out somewhere and I guess this song is my experience of still feeling something when I didn’t think I would.”

The Beach

New Music: Finn Harry

Track of the week. A massively exciting talent hailing from LA, Finn Harry has that unique ability to craft a style of alt-rock that feels understated and controlled, yet packed with a raw essence of confidence that feels refreshingly rebellious.

Finn Harry

New Music: Tim Chadwick

Track of the week. I think this may very well be the most beautiful piece of pop that I have heard so far in 2021. ‘In Another Life‘ is just a phenomenally moving song; there’s no amount of words I could say that would do it justice. Just press play and experience four minutes’ of musical perfection.

Taken from the new EP ‘Timothy’ which is out now.

Tim Chadwick

Fionn – Taste For It

Track of the week. If there’s one essential pop song to listen to this week, let it be ‘Taste For It’ by twin-talents Fionn.

A certified bop in every sense of the word, this banger propels old-school disco into the future and creates something that is in equal parts delight, euphoria and fun.