New Music: Brezy

Track of the week. Honestly so psyched with this talent – the most promising pop for 2018 so far.



Uffie – Drugs

Track of the week. This sends me back to Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own‘, which is no bad thing!

Uffie Official

Monro — Gone Clear (feat. Flohio)

Track of the week. Uplifting and intense all at the same time.

Monro | FLOHIO

Sabrina Claudio – Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Khalid)

Track of the week. This is just so slick and stunning…

Sabrina Claudio | Khalid

Seinabo Sey – Remember (feat. Jacob Banks)

Track of the week. Two of my absolute favourite talents, together.

Seinabo Sey | Jacob Banks

Dounia – So Cool

Track of the week. This has been out for a few months but only just hit my radar now. The vibe on this is mesmerising…


New Music: serpentwithfeet

Track of the week. Subtly mesmerising and soulful.


New Music: Felix Sandman


Track of the week. This song was entered into Sweden’s Melodifestivalen this week and didn’t quite manage to get to the final (the winner represents the country at Eurovision). This was the performance…



I am stunned – this is by far superior to anything I’ve heard from Sweden in the way of ballads for quite some time.

There’s still a very slim chance of it winning, but in any case, it’s won me.


New Music: Let’s Eat Grandma

Track of the week. This will either be love or hate with some of you, but it’s a SOPHIE-produced sound that pushes pop out of it’s comfort so hard that it’s impossible for me to ignore.

Let’s Eat Grandma

New Music: Dayo Bello

Track of the week. Some of the best new RnB to come out of the UK of late, in my opinion.

Dayo Bello

Emmit Fenn – Lost In Space

Track of the week. This is a little old, but it feels like the right vibe for this time of year.

Emmit Fenn

SAVEUS – Time Can Heal A Man

Danish mega-talent SAVEUS is 2018’s first Track of the Week. It’s a bold, epic track that’s perfect to start the year with.

New Music: JGrrey

Track of the week. It’s just the cutest melody, and a real reminiscence to Amy Winehouse vibe that I love so much.

So then, this is the last track of the week for 2017, and it also falls on Xmas day, which is nice.

You ought to be hanging out with friends or family or something today, but thank you for being here – much love :)


New Music: Anna Leone

Track of the week. Melancholic soul from Sweden.

Anna Leone