Danny L Harle – 1UL

Track of the week. It’s been a long while since I last made a piece of hard disco like this track of the week, so it makes a sweet change.

Danny L Harle

Jaymes Young – Don’t You Know

Track of the week. Balancing indie with electropop just about the best way possible.

Jaymes Young

New Music: Ninajirachi

Track of the week. A little late on catching on to this one but the subtle electro pop on this is mesmerising.


Sam Fender – Play God

Track of the week. This is the kind of indie pop that keeps me loving to run this site.

Sam Fender

Cazzi Opeia – Batman & Robin

Track of the week. Bubblegum pop from Sweden. Not ground breaking but it’s so bonkers that I’ve been hooked.

Cazzi Opeia

New Music: Lewis Capaldi

Track of the week. A perfect blend of indie and pop with a distinctive vocal.

Lewis Capaldi

Cezinando – Håper du har plass

Track of the week. Admittedly, I can’t understand a word of Norwegian but this has been on rotation for a few days. The track isn’t particularly edgy, but it shows off a subtle level of emotion that you just don’t find often in hip hop.


Matt Maltese – studio 6

Track of the week. Stunned that I have only just now discovered this talent… All I can call this is beautiful music.

Matt Maltese

Watch: Miss Li – Aqualung


Track of the week. Epic Swedish sounds.

Miss Li

Kevin Garrett – Little Bit Of You

Kevin Garrett

Track of the week. This is one of those songs that resonates close to home, and I like the melancholic warmth it brings…

Kevin Garrett