New Music: denvre

Track of the week. I’d go as far as to call this intelligent pop. The lyrics are a bit random, the production is creative and plays with so many genres seamlessly.



New Music: Blu Ernest

Track of the week.  There is literally nothing I can fault with this talent. A minimal RnB sound with an acoustic edge from the Midlands. Stunning.

Blu Ernest

Halfnoise – All That Love Is

Track of the week. While not a completely new discovery, this track has been on loop for a few days. A mix of indie and disco that sends me back reminiscing of early Hot Chip days for some reason.


Terror Jr – Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me

Track of the week. The way that chorus quietly hints at a euphoric tone is something quite special.

Terror Jr

New Music: Aaron Unknown

Track of the week. A model and a heavily gifted rapper from London with an intense, atmospheric vibe.

Aaron Unknown | Santino Le Saint

New Music: Jvck James

Track of the week. Phenomenal production on this London talent, channeling a dark yet flawless soul sound.

Jvck James

New Music: Oscar Enestad

Track of the week. Swedish pop with intense, bold sounds.

Oscar Enestad

Pusha T – If You Know You Know

Track of the week. The return of Pusha T carries that trademark production we all loved from Kanye West back in the day.

Pusha T

New Music: Brezy

Track of the week. Honestly so psyched with this talent – the most promising pop for 2018 so far.


Uffie – Drugs

Track of the week. This sends me back to Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own‘, which is no bad thing!

Uffie Official

Monro — Gone Clear (feat. Flohio)

Track of the week. Uplifting and intense all at the same time.

Monro | FLOHIO

Sabrina Claudio – Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Khalid)

Track of the week. This is just so slick and stunning…

Sabrina Claudio | Khalid