New Music: HAVET

Photo / Robert Brundo

Track of the week. Emerging from Bavaria are German-Swedish sisters Josy and Mimi, collectively known as HAVET.

Inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, Tyler, the Creator and Bruno Major, this promising teen duo create songs that incorporate a multitude of genres together – creating songs that carry mainstream appeal while still maintaining a strong sense of individuality.

New single ‘Toxic’ fuses 90’s inspired indie-rock with current pop sounds, treating listeners to a sonic experience that feels both nostalgic and future-forward in equal measures.

“‘Toxic’ is about getting free from a toxic relationship and finally realising all the ways the other person treated you wrong.”

Listeners can look forward to HAVET’s forthcoming debut EP, entitled ‘Muma’s Lullaby’ which is out on 11th August 2022.


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Jordan Nash – Fear and Loathing

Photo / Gabby Drew

Track of the week. Already a critic’s favourite, rising West London singer and producer Jordan Nash unveils stunning new single ‘Fear and Loathing’.

A summery fusion of psychedelic indie and dreamy pop, this melodic song treats listeners to a sound that is refreshingly unique and utterly entrancing to experience.

Following the release of his debut single ‘Nightmares’ last year, Nash has since picked up support from influential tastemakers like of Notion, The Line of Best Fit, Fader and The Last Bus.

Jordan Nash

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Akemi Fox – I Want It (feat. July 7)

Photo /  Jada Giwa

Track of the week. Sometimes the simplest melodies and productions make for the finest cuts of R&B – with Akemi Fox’s latest collaboration being a case in point.

Featuring the talents of July 7, shimmering new single ‘I Want It’ is a finessed and understated summer song that showcases the exceptional R&B sounds to have emerged from Northern England in recent months.

“I’m excited to release something that you can dance to this summer. ‘I Want it’ is about not wanting to leave the party and wanting to dance all night with your love!” – Akemi Fox

As one of the UK’s most promising new starlets, Fox has already received critical acclaim from the likes of Notion, Wonderland, GRM Daily and The Line of Best Fit.

Akemi Fox | July 7

New Music: Kai Bosch

Photo / Jordan Hardy

Track of the week. Based in London by way of Berlin and Cornwall, 20-year old Kai Bosch has been one of the most phenomenal finds of the week.

Inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey and Lorde, this rising musician and producer fearlessly crafts dramatic sounds that are intensely emotive and utterly captivating to experience.

Haunting and atmospheric yet vulnerable in tone, ‘Blood’ feels reminiscent of the cinematic trip hop sounds from the late 90’s and early 00’s. Speaking on the song, Bosch says:

“’Blood’ explores trauma and mental health through the lens of a relationship and how it can affect the people around you. I wrote and produced it from my bedroom at the end of January 2021, at the time I was going through quite a tough time emotionally and I was really reflecting on how my emotions and mechanisms might affect the people I love. I wanted to embody emotional baggage as something quite visceral and gory, landing upon the line “Blood on everything I love.” Though the relationship in Blood was a purely fictional one at the time of writing, there have since been moments in my romantic life where the song manifested into reality – lyrics I had perhaps written before without much context suddenly held huge emotional weight.”

Kai Bosch

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Weston Estate – So Good

Photo / Camila Noreiga

Track of the week. Garnering more than 50 million career streams to date, Weston Estate are rapidly becoming one of the most loved alt-pop outfits to emerge from North America in recent years.

Summery new single ‘So Good’ follows on from the group’s ‘Maggie Valley EP’, and is inspired by the notion of new experiences.

“This song embodies new beginnings. We are entering a new chapter in our lives, and this song was born out of foreign emotions and inspiring travels. Finding ourselves in LA for the first time, we were looking for new experiences. We turned to Val and Trevor from Fiji Blue to help us create a bossanova-infused, classical pop song.”

Weston Estate perform at New York’s Let’s Get Free Festival in August, and Delaware’s Firefly Festival in September.

Weston Estate

piri & tommy – words

Track of the week. The extraordinary rise of piri & tommy is something most new artists could only ever dream of.

With huge early successes on TikTok, this UK duo have consequently begun to conquer the mainstream while still only a handful of songs into their career.

With its balanced blend of nostalgia and futurism, new single ‘words’ (and it’s accompanying video, directed by Rupert Holler) showcases this outfit’s immeasurably charming style of dance-pop.

piri & tommy

keni can fly – 99′ pollen

Photo / KATIN

This is the second time that keni can fly has been our track of the week, with previous single ‘idk sh*t but colors’ getting our attention early last year.

’99’ pollen’ find this promising US talent continuing to showcase his extraordinary skills at music-making, by presenting sharp lyricism over a production that fuses indie and hip hop with essences of soul and jazz.

Garnering praise from notable tastemakers like Elevator, Before The Data, Loner and A1234, it seems only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up to keni can fly.

keni can fly

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EDEN – Modern Warfare

Photo / Alex Waespi

Track of the week. A master of many talents, EDEN is not only a singer but also producer, label head, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has been on our radar since 2016.

Throughout the years, this Dublin-bred artist’s work has evolved exceptionally – with his latest single, ‘Modern Warfare’ being nothing short of perfection.

The song marks EDEN’s return to the spotlight since the release of his 2020 project ‘no future’, and features a production that is conceptually experimental and refreshingly future-forward.

“This song is a meditation on the blurred lines between life and interaction online and irl, there was a time where I had rejected certain aspects of social life by refusing to use the tools of our time, and modern warfare came after a period of reintegration. There is a sense of maturity coming into these spaces and situations after time away, despite how urgent everything can feel. An ability to not be dragged into the reactionary anxiety that is so often associated with social media. This is not to say that there isn’t plenty of anxiety to be found elsewhere – just that knowing what you want from things is a helpful way to avoid getting rekt. Water off a digital duck’s back.”

With support from the likes of Billboard, CLASH and V Man, this may well be EDEN’s biggest year so far.


Jada – Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again

Photo / Villads Sommer

Track of the week. Now a hugely successful artist all across Scandinavia, Danish starlet (and Alfitude favourite) Jada unveils her latest album ‘Elements‘, alongside new single ‘Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again’.

The song expertly instills that trademark brand of Scandinavian melancholy over a melodic pop production, giving listeners a sound that feels moving yet empowering.

“When I experience art that really resonates with me, it leaves me feeling more like myself than before. When I come across art where I really feel like people are true to themselves, where I can imagine exactly how they would move or sing, what their soul wants to express, it reminds me of myself. It’s a mirror. I want to be that and offer that freedom of self. I want them to feel strong, cute and sexy.”

The track is just one part of a wider scope of work under the ‘Elements’ record, which took inspiration from Jada’s realisation that, as humans, we consist of multitudinous parts that shouldn’t be boxed into just one singular category.

‘Elements’ is out now | Jada

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JADA – Tour 2022:

  • 24 Sep Lollapalooza, Berlin
  • 26 Sep Melkweg Upstairs, Amsterdam
  • 27 Sep EarTH Theatre, London
  • 28 Sep Les Etoiles, Paris
  • 29 Sep Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich
  • 30 Sep Luxor, Cologne
  • 01 Oct Kent Club, Hamburg
  • 03 Oct Korjaamo, Helsinki
  • 05 Oct Parkteatret, Oslo
  • 06 Oct Nalen, Stockholm

New Music: Nate Brazier

Photo / Sam Shack

Track of the week. South London-born, Bristol-based Nate Brazier may be a relative newcomer to most, but this talent has in fact spent the last four years quietly making music.

With its unique style of alternative music, his melancholic yet introspective new single ‘Inertia’ features dusty garage beats, intelligent lyricism and intoxicating vocals.

Brazier wrote the track as an honest reflection of the most recent chapter of his life, and grapples with his generation’s fears of coming-of-age.

“Living in this world with my friends, every event feels monumental and every decision feels life changing. I wanted to make something that felt equally immersive and overwhelming.”

Nate Brazier

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New Music:

Track of the week. Ontario-based artist has been one of the most exciting discoveries so far this month.

With its thought-provoking and intelligent lyricism, new single ‘evolve’ is a beautifully dreamy and airy fusion of alternative R&B, soul and lo-fi pop.

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New Music: Freddie Lewis

Track of the week. Sometimes a song just gives you joy, no matter how often you listen to it. That can certainly be said every time I press play on ‘Coca-Cola’, from rising Bristolian poet and musician Freddie Lewis.

Beautifully simple in style, the song showcases playful lyricism that glides over a melodic production, making it a very easy track to fall in love with.

Freddie Lewis

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emir taha – Lades

Photo / Hasan Kuyucu

Track of the week. Anatolian psych-R&B fusion artist emir taha returns with one of the most impressive releases of the month so far.

Produced together with Jay Moon (duckwrth, Col3trane), ‘Lades’ is an arresting song that is conceptually experimental while also maintaining a dreamy and melancholic essence.

“‘Bile bile lades’ is a Turkish idiom which means doing something that you know is futile. You know you’ll lose at the end but you still do it, knowing that it’s gonna harm you. It’s like taking a bite of the forbidden fruit. It will taste sweet at first but you know it’s going to poison you. Sort of like wilful ignorance. I wrote it about something I knew I had to get rid of, but still kept anyway.”

The track comes ahead of the artist’s sold-out debut UK headline show at The Waiting Room on May 18th.

emir taha

New Music: Monday Was Special

Track of the week. Hailing from West London, soul and R&B artist Monday Was Special is a phenomenal new talent who has released one of the strongest debuts so far this year.

Telling the story of a young black couple as they grapple with unplanned parenthood, ‘Bespoke’ and its accompanying visuals are both emotional masterpieces.

“The video explores the themes of birth, death and separation through references to ancient mythology. It’s split into three acts, with each linking to different Greek and Roman Goddesses. Act 1 features Urania (associated with universal love and the Holy Spirit), Act 2 features Hera and Juno (Goddesses of women, marriage, family and childbirth) and Act 3 features Artemis and Diana (Goddesses of childbirth and midwifery). The track is dedicated to my late mother, another strong woman and the most influential figure in my life.”

Monday Was Special

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New Music: Good Scott

Track of the week. Already a noted artist and producer within the UK music industry, Good Scott is the new moniker for the talent formerly known as Kwassa.

Showcasing some of the most exciting new music to emerge from London in quite some time, Good Scott’s new single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ features ST LUNA – and could well be your favourite alt-pop bop for the summer.

 “‘Sorry Not Sorry’ was the breakthrough from a year or so of writing and nothing clicking – I’d been doing a lot of writing / production on other projects and whilst being able to jump around different genres is my favourite thing ever, it made it pretty hard to settle on what my sound for this project was going to be.

When me and Luke (ST LUNA) started making the track, it fell into place pretty fast – and felt like one of the first songs I’d made recently that I would’ve listened to anyway if I’d stumbled across it. At the time I was just craving a break from sad boy culture and desperate to make something tongue in cheek and a bit silly. Fun lyrics combined with the hints of breakbeat / early 2000’s vibes in the drums is something I wanna keep in the rest of the tracks coming.’’ – Good Scott

Good Scott | ST LUNA

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New Music: Ellie Dixon

Photo / Holly Dixon

Track of the week. With over a million fans on TikTok alone, online sensation Ellie Dixon has rapidly gained a huge following thanks to her style of creating intelligent pop bops from her bedroom studio.

To date, Dixon has recorded a live Maida Vale session for BBC Radio 1, had a featured Track of the Week on BBC Radio 1 Introducing (‘Green Grass’), performed at Camp Bestival and Latitude Festival, as well as reaching over five million Spotify streams across her catalogue.

‘Crikey! It’s My Psyche’ EP is out now.

Ellie Dixon

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New Music: Ogi

Photo / Kanya Iwana

Track of the week. Nigerian American, Los Angeles-based songstress Ogi has created one of the most stunning releases of the year with her new single ‘Envy’.

Punchy lyrics glide over a production that seamlessly blends elements of indie and alt-R&B, all-together making for a song that is nothing short of perfection.

“I think of ‘Envy’ to be like a personal love letter to haters in my life. I’m basically telling them that it’s not my fault that you want what I have, don’t be mad at me. I was channeling the same energy Nicki Minaj had when she said, ‘It’s me, I win, you lose!’ on ‘Itty Bitty Piggy.’ I can be a little petty at times and this song gives a little glimpse of that side of me.”


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  • 5 – Tampa, FL – Jannus Live
  • 6 – Miami, FL – The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater
  • 9 – New Orleans, LA – Fillmore New Orleans
  • 30 – Houston, TX – Bayou Music Center


  • 1 – Dallas, TX – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
  • 3 – Atlanta, GA – Coca-Cola Roxy
  • 4 – Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works
  • 5 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte
  • 7 – Chicago, IL – Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom
  • 8 – Minneapolis, MN – The Armory
  • 11 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium
  • 12 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
  • 27 – Vancouver, BC – Malkin Bowl
  • 28 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre
  • 30 – Portland, OR – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

New Music: Dré Six

Track of the week. Emerging from the UK comes newcomer Dré Six. With a sound that seamlessly blends elements of mellow and alternative pop with R&B, this artist is creating a sound that is refreshingly original yet incredibly easy to connect with.

Dré Six


Track of the week. Emerging from the British city of Northampton is hugely exciting new talent REMIEWORLD.

From the moment you press play on ‘Come Back To You’ there’s a sense that this artist’s special approach to music-making could make him one of the UK’s new rising stars.

Seamlessly fusing elements of alt-pop with punk, indie and rap, REMIEWORLD delivers a sound that is not only distinctly unique but refreshingly original.


Graham Lake – Run em Down (feat. Avelino)

Track of the week. Emerging Swedish newcomer Graham Lake joins forces with UK rap star Avelino on the release of massive new single ‘Run em Down’.

The Stockholm-born singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist presents a sleek production on the track as he threads clean guitar through energetic synths, serving listeners with a sound that is immediately captivating and hugely exciting.

“‘Run em Down’ was made during a part of my life when many people influenced my decisions, dreams, and ambitions. My music was the thing keeping me grounded and this song came to be my freeing from all those attachments. ‘FOCUS’ came to life quickly but ’Run em Down’ was even quicker. That proved to me that I was on the right track and that this song was meant to be the follow-up. I never intend to speak on what my song’s true meaning is because it’s different for everybody but to me, it’s a celebration of knowing what you deserve and that nothing besides yourself can stop you from reaching that.”

Graham Lake | Avelino