Novaa – To Be Yang

Track of the week. A song that feels definitive of the times we live in now, and on a personal level really gave me something to think about. Lyrics aside, the track balances gentle beats with a subtle sense of tension. Quite a beautiful piece.

“Often I feel like an outcast but then I feel like most of my peers feel like outcasts as well. I always thought that being young means being hopeful and full of ideas and energy. And I still believe that, but somehow the reasons to be hopeful get less and less.”



New Music: COBRAH

Track of the week. While there’s been a resurgence of 90’s techno and rave sounds lately, the balance of playing with the past and taking it to the future has not always been great. This though… Damn. It’s electro pop with a ruthless beat structure. Something that takes you hostage and demands your attention. And I am living for it. For a while it’s felt like the innovation from Swedish pop was slowing down – COBRAH might have just changed that.


New Music: kamal.

Track of the week. Understated and mellow, subtle yet definitive teen indie pop from this 17-year old London talent. I’m just in love with this sound so much…


New Music: Lost Girl

Track of the week. There’s been somewhat of a resurgence in UK Garage of late (some good, mostly bad), but this has to be some of the best that I have yet to hear.


New Music: Oliver Malcolm

Track of the week. An immediately captivating and refreshingly unique sound from this Swedish-born, London-raised producer, songwriter and vocalist.

Oliver Malcolm

New Music: Izzy Camina

Track of the week. I remember listening to Amy Winehouse for the first time and thinking her lyrics were so arresting, so forward, that you just can’t help but be totally hooked. While Izzy Camina delivers a soft, bedroom pop vibe, the lyrics are really something to behold.


New Music: Planet 1999

Track of the week. Love or hate PC Music, it’s rise is unstoppable right now. Planet 1999 add another layer of emotion over the genre’s sound which makes this track pretty special.

Planet 1999

New Music: GZ Tian

Track of the week. There’s a sense of bravery with the production on this track from English newcomer GZ Tian. It’s a creative mix of understated RnB and catchy hooks.

GZ Tian

New Music: mikihella

Track of the week. Only running just over two minutes, this piece of RnB and soul takes you to another place with the very bare minimum. And that’s a powerful thing.


New Music: Marques Martin

Track of the week. Every so often a sound hits you and excites you in equal measures… Just like this. It’s an epic fusion of spoken-word, dark experimental beats and RnB.

Marques Martin

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted

Track of the week. This is actually a pretty brave track to release for someone who’s become one of the biggest global talents. A minimal, fragile and subtle production that doesn’t scream for attention… Just a raw, delicate love song.

Billie Eilish

Doja Cat – Say So

Track of the week. This queen is back with some of her strongest tracks to date, including this mix of disco and rap. Somehow it doesn’t sound cheesy, but rather infectious and fun!

Doja Cat