Etaoin – If You Called

Photo / Daniel A Harris

One of indie-folk’s freshest faces returns today with a beautifully captivating and emotive song.

Inspired by heartbreak, Etaoin’s ‘If You Called’ presents listeners with a stripped-back production that sets the scene for some powerfully raw and honest lyrics to shine through. Elaborating further on the song, Etaoin explains:

“After my first heartbreak I made a pact with myself to never let myself care that much about anyone ever again, but then I met this boy from Ireland. We used to drive through the Irish countryside and walk the beaches and talk for hours in his car, it was literally like shit straight out of a Hannah Montana movie.”

“He was so patient and kind and everything I should have needed, but I was so hurt and scarred that I was too scared to trust any boy and I didn’t want to commit. This caused a lot of issues and nine months in we called it quits. I realised after it all went down that I really put him through hell by pushing him away and acting like I didn’t care all the time.”

Now commanding more than 80k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the momentum for this hugely talented singer and songwriter continues to grow. Etaoin tours across the UK later this month, with the dates listed below.


Live Shows October 2022

  • 12 October, McHugh’s Bar, Belfast
  • 13 October, The Workman’s Cellar, Dublin
  • 15 October, Dolans, Limerick
  • 19 October, 33 Oldham Street, Manchester
  • 20 October, Camden Assembly, London

Etaoin – I Hate Everyone (But I Don’t Mind You)

With over ten million streams since her debut only last year, it’s safe to say that Etaoin is already on her way to becoming an established pop talent.

The rising London-based starlet returns this week with an infectiously memorable acoustic bop through the release of new single ‘I Hate Everyone (But I Don’t Mind You)’.

Written alongside Edd Holloway and Nick Atkinson, the track looks at relationships that are doomed from the start, as Etaoin explains:

“The song is based around the idea of knowing someone fancies you and fancying them back secretly, but also knowing that you guys would be AWFUL for each other and it would never ever work out. Then also enjoying the fact that it could be a really bad idea. There are so many emotional ups and downs that happen when you start to like someone like that – especially when neither of you are good at talking about your feelings and you’re not sure what’s going on.”

‘I Hate Everyone (But I Don’t Mind You)’ is taken from Etaoin’s forthcoming LP, which is scheduled for release later this year.



  • 19 October – Manchester – 33 Oldham Street
  • 20 October – London – Camden Assembly

New Music: Etaoin

The first thing that catches your attention when you play Etaoin’s new single is the sheer emotive energy coming through from that incredible voice. The Irish talent has really caused quite the stir since January this year,  having already garnered over 500,000 streams from just two singles.

‘I Dare You’ is a blazing act of self-assertion, written in response to someone who was talking badly about Etaoin behind her back.

“I was so furious, I had heard from my friends this boy had been badmouthing me for literally no reason. I was like: If you wanna do that, fine. I dare you, keep going, see what it does for you. A lot of my life especially as a female I have felt underestimated. It’s a general feeling of being talked down to, people not expecting you to win. In life it’s not always about who turns up for you, it’s about the times you turn up for yourself. Self-respect is often used in such a screwed up way, in this case I was respecting myself by cutting contact with this person. It’s me finding my voice again.”