The Aston Shuffle + Fabich – Money Can’t Buy

Three years and ten million streams since the release of their acclaimed collaboration ‘Stay’, disco wizards The Aston Shuffle and Fabich reunite for a flawless follow-up in the form of new single ‘Money Can’t Buy’.

Serving as a perfect dance-pop anthem, this is a sound packed with fun vibes that are guaranteed to bring smiles to your faces while you dance the weekend away.

“I loved working with Fabich on our first collaboration ‘Stay’ a few years ago, and I was super excited to work with him again on a follow up. It was a really fun process working on ‘Money Can’t Buy’, and I think that sense of fun comes through in the track in a big way. From the start, we wanted to focus on a stripped-back vibe for the production, and we felt the key elements of the track were the vocal and the bassline. The organic string sounds felt like the right sort of instrumentation to complement and elevate those elements, without overpowering them. Hoping the fun vibes gets people smiling while they’re dancing!” – The Aston Shuffle

The Aston Shuffle | Fabich

Fabich + fika – Pretend (feat. Sophia Alexa)

Some of my recent favourite talents team up to create one of the peak songs of the week. Fabich’s ‘Pretend’ features frequent collaborators fika, alongside Sam Sure and Sophia Alexa.

The nostalgia-tinged track flirts between alt-pop and indie, talking about the fleeting love of a perfect summer romance – which like all good things has to come to an end at some point.

Fabich | fika | Sophia Alexa

fika x Fabich – Love Stories (EP)

“‘Love Stories’ was all about exploring creativity and getting to know one another. There were no preconceptions going into the creation of the record and what it should sound like. We ate donuts, drank beer, and enjoyed each other’s company all before exploring any musical ideas. For us that’s what it’s all about, just creating – some of the songs don’t have a structure, they don’t have a chorus, we just went with the flow. What we ended up with was an organic collection of songs that just so happened to be about love.” – fika

fika | Fabich

fika x Fabich – Missing Me

A delicate, yet perfect harmony between soulful disco and hazy indie-rock. The song itself is based on a true story from Fabich and his feelings of insecurity about a girl he liked, which inspired fika to come up with the lyric ‘Are you feeling the same thing?’ that led to the creation of ‘Missing Me’.

Taken from the collaborative EP, ‘Love Stories’ which is set to be released in September.

fika | Fabich

Interview: Quickfire with Fabich

London producer Fabich has shown an infectious blend of smooth disco and feel-good vibes that’s been hard to ignore for me. With an upcoming EP, here’s some quickfire questions to get you acquainted with this exciting new talent.

Tell me more about yourself?

Hi my name is Fabich, I’m a record producer and DJ and my music is a mix of House and Soul/Funk/RnB. I’ve released on labels like Majestic Casual, The Magician’s POTION and Island Records.

What’s the new EP about?

The EP’s name is “a friends story” and it’s about the people I’ve met since arriving in my new hometown London. Ever since moving here from Germany I’ve met a lot of fun and talented people from all over the world and I wanted to tell their story in this collaborative project!

Have you got a favourite track on the record?

All of the records on the EP are my favourite tracks out of the ones that I’ve produced during the last couple of months so a lot of work and love went into each one of them and I like all of them equally… :)

What are you currently loving listening to?

I currently listen to a lot of Disco and also urban stuff. Artists that get me excited at the moment are Anderson.Paak, Goldlink, Kaytranada, James Vickery, Jafunk, Mokoa, Young Franco…

I do a monthly podcast series on Soundcloud called 12 Tracks Tape where I include my current favourites and also ask another artist to do the same, check it out.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

I’d love to get in the studio with Pharrell one day. He’s been one of my favourite record producers since his work in the early 2000’s as part of the neptunes. I worked with one of his new artists last month so that was an exciting experience for me! I hope to show you the song we did soon.

What’s the rest of the year got in store for you?

Releasing this EP has been so much fun and I want to keep on putting music out every couple of weeks this year. I’m in the studio almost every day so it’s cool to see if people enjoy the music I’m making and also to play it Live!

Check out Fabich on Spotify