Watch: Niko B – Who’s That What’s That

“I always wanted an artist I could relate to. I just want people to hear Who’s That What’s That and dance while not taking anything too seriously. I want teenagers to understand they can do anything they want and create anything from just being in their bedroom.”

Niko B


Watch: BabyJake – MadHappySad

“It’s about the feelings that come up when you’re with someone who’s probably not the right person for you, and they just make you feel all these emotions at the same time. MadHappySad.”


Watch: Dan D’Lion – Pull Me Under

“‘Pull Me Under’ is the feeling I go back to time and time again. It’s about giving into the uncontrollable, that one thing that gives you the highest high, but dumps you in the lowest of low without warning. It’s about the way in which our emotions can overpower any control we have over ourselves, and knowing that’s totally ok. In fact, it’s f***g amazing!

Dan D’Lion

Watch: Rina Sawayama – Bad Friend

“The song is about the heartbreak of losing a friendship and realising that you were the cause of the breakdown. When you hear the song, this is not the video you imagine – but that’s exactly what we wanted. The music video is a reimagining of the themes in Bad Friend; of longing, loss, self-hate and ultimately self-love.”


“I wanted to simply show a glimpse of my childhood, who I was and who I grew to be. You just never know where you’ll end up in the world and what you’d be doing.”


Watch: Goss – Country Boy

“I guess I’m longing for a more simple life. But the city and my life here in Copenhagen is like a drug. It’s really hard to let go off.”


Watch: Tom Grennan – Oh Please

Tom Grennan returns today with a sound inspired by Curtis Mayfield, Nas, Kendrick, and Amy Winehouse. It comes as no surprise that I am head over heels in love with this song.

“‘Oh Please’ is about learning from relationships. It’s about staying strong and making the right decisions with respect and grace.”

Tom Grennan

Watch: Valley – There’s Still A Light In The House

Valley have already amassed 23 million streams from just five singles and are rapidly emerging as one of Canada’s most exciting purveyors of indie pop. This release is so damn infectious, you’re guaranteed to feel good after a listen.


Watch: AJ Mitchell – Unstoppable

AJ Mitchell’s new video plays with light while contrasting against a dark and gritty pop/ RnB sound. Another release to grow on an already impressive record of over 100 million streams and 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

AJ Mitchell

Watch: Molina – Hey Kids (Live Session)

I usually stay away from live versions of songs on this site, but this performance from Danish songstress Molina is so unusual and visually captivating.

Taken from the EP ‘Vanilla Shell’. Give it a spin here.

Watch: Remi Wolf – Photo ID

Indie, funk and disco, all served up in a brilliantly bonkers way which I can only expect from Remi Wolf.

“I love this video. Just a straight up dancing vibe. I included the mask because we made this video in quarantine and I felt the mask is kind of this universal thing at the moment. We all now know that exact feeling of going outside with a mask. All the other versions of me are dancing indoors, which I thought was important because the reality of modern dance parties is that you gotta do that shit yourself! This video is all about letting go, escaping reality a bit, and getting your booty wiggling!”

Remi Wolf

Watch: Yelle – Je t’aime encore

Serious question: How does Yelle keep pushing out these pop perfections every single time?

This is a pretty minimal release for the French legend but still mighty impressive. And watch the video until the end for a very bizarre twist.


Watch: Paul Rey – Talking in My Sleep

“I wrote it from my personal experience from working a lot in the States and being apart from my then girlfriend, but now wife. It’s inspired by the feelings that come from spending a lot of time away from each other and waking up each morning without another day seeing her.”

Paul Rey

Watch: Larkins – Are We Having Any Fun Yet?


1.12.20 – Manchester, Academy 2

3.12.20 – Liverpool, O2 Academy 2

5.12.20 – Glasgow, Stereo

7.12.20 – Bristol, Thekla

8.12.20 – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

9.12.20 – Birmingham, Castle & Falcon

10.12.20 – Leeds, Brudenell Community Room

11.12.20 – London, Heaven


Watch: HYYTS – The Low Sound

“The idea of contrast has always been so important to us. Our personalities completely contrast – Sam is the illusive and quiet one, headphones in and getting inspiration from all angles and genres, putting weird sounds and erratic production over my completely different approach of bubblegum pop and cheesy lyrics. We seem to balance each other out, and it seems to work! The video and track follows that kind of idea of contrast too – it counterbalances happiness with sadness, darkness and light, lyrically happy but sonically a bit manic.”

– Adam (HYYTS)


Watch: Brother Leo – Hallelujah

Brother Leo’s latest release now comes with visuals directed by Sashinski and was filmed in England’s Southend, shortly before lockdown began.

“Me and Sasha wanted to create a dark and restrained visual for Hallelujah, that in a symbolic way expressed the struggle in trying to make peace with the painful fact that certain things just can’t be fixed, no matter how hard you try.”

Brother Leo