Watch: Novaa – AI Am In Love



Watch: Isabela Merced – PAPI

“Different elements of my Peruvian culture, from the coast to the Amazons, are incorporated into every aspect of my music, wardrobe, dancing, and storytelling of my videos. The ‘Papi’ music video included a modern twist of choreography and wardrobe elements from a Peruvian dance called Marinera, such as the faldas and the pañuelos. The props in the video were inspired from a Peruvian tradition, the Diablada.  I want to introduce everyone to the rich culture of my family’s heritage.”

Isabela Merced

Watch: Moss Kena – Begging

“The video really captures the emotion of the song, strength and honesty, with dancers personifying parts of myself, showing that inner conflict, the ocean really representing the powerful and swelling depths of emotion.”

Moss Kena