Felicia Lu, Aron Matthews, Maël + Jonas – Losing Streak

Photo /  Felix Werinos

Three of European pop’s most promising acts from Germany and Austria come together on the anthemic new single, ‘Losing Streak’.

Featuring the talents of Felicia Lu, Mael + Jonas and Aron Matthews, the song was written as a hymn for everyone feeling like they’re on a losing streak; describing the story from the singers’ perspectives.

I predict this track will pick up a lot of traction in the coming weeks leading to the summer – so be sure to check it out!

Felicia Lu | Aron Matthews | Maël + Jonas

Felicia Lu – Dear Karma

Felicia Lu announces a new style of sound this year with the release of ‘Dear Karma’. The song serves us with a refreshing twist on pop that feels dark and sinister, yet still eccentric and captivating.

“‘Dear Karma’ tells the story of being wronged in the past and taking revenge. It’s my start to a new era starting in January with a fresh and darker sound, trying to be more unique and personal.”

Felicia Lu

New Music: Felicia Lu

Hailing from Vienna in Austria, Felicia Lu is a German 24 year-old indie pop singer who crafts beautifully rich and intense pieces of music.

Today marks the release of her new EP ‘Relations’, which is a concept record consisting of six songs that are all about different stages of relationships. Explaining her new single ‘In Your Hands’, Felicia says:

“A song about falling deeply in love with someone. The feeling of giving that person your All.”

Felicia Lu