FènixDion – Sugar

FènixDion continue to showcase their extraordinary talent at crafting timelessly cool sounds. By confidently fusing elements of R&B with indie and rock, this outfit have mastered a style of music that is distinctly their own.

With a production that carries strong essences nostalgia, new single ‘Sugar’ is a guitar-driven piece of introspective perfection.

“‘Sugar’ reflects the aspiration to break the chain of violence and self destruction that permeates generations of my family tree. I grew up terrified of acquiring the traits of a man I never knew while simultaneously waiting for him to change for the better as if it were a reflection of the light I was seeking within myself. The song draws the line between the man I have envisioned and feared my whole life, and the man I am envisioning to be, one day.” – Keston Wright, FènixDion


New Music: FènixDion

US outfit FènixDion blend elements of alternative R&B with indie-rock to create sounds that are expansive, transportive and radiant.

This is music that reminds you of classics from the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Beck and Musicology-era Prince, while still sounding new and unique in character.

“While watching Minneapolis eat itself alive I was very emotionally distraught and filled with so many questions and concerns of what the future of my city looked like. ‘Mama Say’ consolidates the thoughts that were running through my head at the time, and the mindset I needed to adopt to get through it all. The song is an anthem of hope amidst the overwhelming and soul altering issues facing humanity.” – Keston Wright, FènixDion