Gabrielle Current – Plenty

Los Angeles born-and-bred talent Gabrielle Current delivers a beautifully mellow and dreamy piece of soul-pop that not only sounds gorgeous, but also showcases her refreshingly raw lyricism.

“‘Plenty’ is a question mark. Some ties sever without a warning. It’s about the unanswered questions I’ve had to internalise and a false sense of ‘confidence’ that often follows the experience. ‘Plenty’ is ironic, too, because what is plenty for the one that gets away sometimes leaves the other feeling empty. This is a song about that unevenness.”

Gabrielle Current

Gabrielle Current – Sun Will Find You

A song that reminds you to look at the better things in life, no matter how hard it gets. And suitably so, the track is a stunning piece of escapism and hope.

“The heavy moments are often filled with pessimism and it’s easy to miss the surrounding beauty, but beauty is still there. Just like the sun. It’s always there. It never leaves.”

Gabrielle Current