Gimme Gimme + Keiynan Lonsdale – Better

We are kicking the weekend off with a sublime piece of dreamy R&B-pop from two of Australia’s most impressive musical outfits.

Serving as the follow-up to Gimme Gimme’s acclaimed ‘Day Drinking’ (which was released earlier this summer), new single ‘Better’ is lifted from the duo’s forthcoming EP and features the talents of Keiynan Lonsdale.

Rising brother-sister project Gimme Gimme have marked themselves as one of the continent’s newest prospects, already garnering more than 170k catalogue streams to date, while Lonsdale is a noted actor and singer who has been featured on shows as prominent as Legends of Tomorrow and Dance Academy.

Gimme Gimme | Keiynan Lonsdale

Gimme Gimme – Day Drinking

Emerging duo Gimme Gimme return today with a playful slice of summery bliss through the release of new single ‘Day Drinking’.

Signed to Havêa Records, the brother-sister project of Australian artists Will Henderson and Esther Henderson expertly fuse elements of lo-fi pop with dreamy indie and nostalgic soul to create a sound that is impossible not to fall in love with.

“We were in the very first lockdown of COVID and at our mothers place enjoying our first solid family hangs for years, Will was making huge batches of alcoholic ginger beer that we would mix with spiced rum. As the days melted into weeks of monotony the drinks came out earlier and earlier. The track is some classic romantic Henderson weirdness and a heap of inspiration from Aretha Franklin as well as a track called ‘Got A Feelin’ by Rookie Season.”

The song marks the first release from Gimme Gimme’s upcoming EP, which is due out later in the year. In the meantime, be sure to check out the duo’s most recent record, ‘Taylor St’.

Gimme Gimme

New Music: Gimme Gimme

A sister and brother band hailing from Australia, Esther and Will grew up in a small country town in New South Wales before moving to Melbourne and Berlin respectively.

Wanting to hang out and play more, they booked shows all across Europe and toured up and down the East and West coasts of Australia, selling out venues and creating a buzz for their playful and loveable style of indie-pop.

“‘Fatal.Attraction’ is a track written about the holy trinity of tins, darts and breaking hearts. It brings to light love hate relationships, the desire for a puff after a sip and addictions of all kinds.”

Gimme Gimme