Goldie Vargas – Canyon

Goldie Vargas unveils a beautifully melancholic slice of indie-folk today with new single ‘Canyon’.

Inspired by songwriting legends like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, the song’s sincere and emotive lyrics look at the feelings that one can go through after a breakup.

“‘Canyon’ is about the personal conflict of missing the person you were with and the relationship you once had, but also missing the person you were before you met them. The entire song physically feels, to me at least, like you are running in a field towards yourself trying to get back to your roots. I find it incredibly empowering and self loving, despite being a break up song.”

‘Canyon’ continues to showcase this LA-based artist’s exceptional songwriting skills, and serves as the final single to be lifted from Vargas’ upcoming debut EP.

Goldie Vargas

New Music: Goldie Vargas

We are starting the week off with a captivating piece of dreamy indie-pop from LA-based newcomer Goldie Vargas.

‘Moving in Reverse’ exists within a stunning sonic universe that is really quite sublime to experience. Intensely personal and introspective in its concept, listeners are presented with lyricism that tells of Vargas’ feelings of melancholy and isolation.

The song was written during the first week of the pandemic, and was left alone up until recently – as Vargas explains:

“It took a really mentally challenging period of my life to take me back to the final recording of the song where I discovered an entire new meaning in it. Everything I was going through with brain fog, anxiety and depression was being said through the song and communicated in such a clear way.” 

Goldie Vargas

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