Grant Knoche – MR. INDEPENDENT

American singer, songwriter, producer, actor and dancer Grant Knoche returns with a sensational slice of pop in the form of new single ‘MR. INDEPENDENT’.

Knoche performs the track live on NBC’s American Song Contest today (4th April), as he represents his home state of Texas:

“I’ve been told no and rejected so many times throughout my career and I got to the point where I learned that I can’t rely on or wait for anyone else to help make my dreams come true. I have to be strong, independent, confident, and make everything I want to happen, happen! Texas is such a strong and independent state and I feel like this song represents it in such a powerful way!”

Grant Knoche

Grant Knoche – WISH U WERE DEAD

Still only 19 and yet Grant Knoche has already toured the nation – impressively performing 160 shows in 48 states. He has also recorded twelve albums, most of which have been in the Top 10 in the Top 100 Billboard Charts. Today sees the release of his new single ‘WISH U WERE DEAD’, of which he says:

“I’ve never been in a relationship before so venturing into it for the first time can definitely end in hurt. If you’ve ever been ghosted before, this song is for you. this song represents closure to all the hurt & confusion caused by someone. instead, I’ll just wish u the best.”

Grant Knoche


“Have you ever had a long-time friend that ended up wanting more than a friendship, but you didn’t feel the same way? That’s what this song is about.” 

Grant Knoche

New Music: Grant Knoche

I can’t really describe this sound – it cleverly plays with baroque pop all the while sounding full of melancholy and being soulful.

Grant Knoche