Michael Mayo – Long Late Nights (feat. Harrison Walker)

American singer, songwriter and producer Michael Mayo joins forces with London-based musician Harrison Walker on the release of new single ‘Long Late Nights’.

A perfect song for the weekend ahead, the track blends dance-pop with essences of soul and R&B, creating an infectiously memorable and melodic slice of musical bliss.

“This song is written based on the feeling when you’re just driving home and you sometimes just wonder if you kept driving what would happen this song is about that feeling you get and actually doing it.” – Michael Mayo

Aside from amassing more than 600k career plays to date, Mayo is also a professional actor – and is currently working on an HBO Max production that is due to air later this year.

Michael Mayo | Harrison Walker

New Music: Harrison Walker

Describing his own style as ‘melodic trap’, London-based musician¬†Harrison Walker crafts a sound that feels effortlessly sleek yet emotive and moving. It’s a refreshing approach to music-making that leaves me to believe this talent is one to watch out for.

“‘Commitments’ is in the essence about love and the development of a relationship between two people authentically growing to love each other.”

Harrison Walker