Holly Blair – Make It On My Own

Multi-talented LA-based artist Holly Blair unveils a new anthem for all the broken-hearted souls out there.

‘Make It On My Own’ was inspired by the mixed emotions that one can experience when they’ve just come out of a relationship.

Through its distinctive mix of indie, rock and pop, the song looks at the feelings of loneliness we encounter, but also at the prospects of a more positive future.

“The song came from a place of two contradictory feelings living in me at the same time. I felt an immense sense of loss for the ending of a relationship and also a sense of playfulness looking at the situation at hand. I felt like in order to come to terms with what I was going through I had to acknowledge that maybe those feelings don’t actually contradict each other at all, maybe they just are.”

Holly Blair

New Music: Holly Blair

Emerging LA-based talent Holly Blair is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker who creates art that is inspired by the different states of human emotion.

Produced by Tim Carr of Perfume Genius fame, new single ‘See This Through’ treats listeners to a stunning soundscape that feels ethereal and transcendent in tone. Elaborating on the lyrical concept behind the song, Blair explains:

“I wrote it as a love song. It was about the kind of love that transcends all bounds of time and space, but at the same time creates a deep undercurrent that something isn’t quite right. In retrospect, it’s not really a love song. It’s about wanting to give everything you have to go down a road despite knowing that at some point it ends.”

Blair has also unveiled visuals for the track today, which were directed by the artist alongside fellow creative Andicito.

Holly Blair

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