[PREMIERE] Watch HunBjørn’s visuals for latest single ‘In The Eye’

Photo / Julie Montauk

We are so excited to be sharing with you a first glimpse of Scandinavian artist HunBjørn’s new music video, ‘In The Eye’.

Marking the return of this much-acclaimed Danish indie starlet, the visuals represent HunBjørn’s new style of sound, and serve as a taster to her upcoming suite of releases.

If you’ve yet to listen to the song itself, it’s a beautifully atmospheric piece of electronica that also incorporates other genres like dance and alt-pop, while the lyrics take their inspiration from the concept of ‘forbidden desire’.

“It’s that moment you didn’t see coming, but suddenly find yourself in, where the rush of temptation really threatens to overthrow all reason, and it takes serious strength not to give in.”

For listeners who are new to HunBjørn, this rising talent is not only a singer but also a songwriter, producer and arranger, and a key originator of industry community WeProduce.


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