New Music: Alexia Chambi

Image by Sakura Katsuura

“A song written for my little brothers whilst I was living in London, and therefore not able to watch them grow up. A song about finding the balance between following ones dreams whilst sacrificing time with loved ones in order to do so. A personal yet in many ways, universal song.”

Alexia Chambi Music


SAINT BEST – Eternal Sunshine

”The Summer has come and passed. And with it the flushed cheeks, long nights and the hopeful summer crushes. We thought the summer would last forever, we thought that love would prevail. But as the acid rain falls on Copenhagen, the colour of the leafs fade and the nights once again gain ground, we are left with only the toxic memories of a love, that once seamed so immortal. Memories of good times.”


New Music: PV Knude

“The Anti-Terror Album’ is an alternative pop music record that I have written as a response to a clandestine governmental terror exercise that I got hold of and leaking through art and music. I am interested in contemporary music that have empowering, political ambitions and effects. The Anti-Terror Album is presented through the Museum of Contemporary Art [DK] and Creative Europe [EU] and is recorded with an amazing team of diverse musicians in Copenhagen, Belgrade and London.”

PV Knude

New Music: Jonas Brøg

“I then wrote ‘That Feeling’, with the hope to inspire people to allow themselves to feel what they need to feel, also grief and sadness if that is part of their current story, but when the right time is there: slow down in the moment, fully experience life, and let love in. The key to remember ourselves that everything will be alright, really lies in those beautiful daily moments that we share with our loved ones.”

Jonas Brøg

New Music: EmmaDop

“You can feel and be sure of, well okay, every time I call you or see you, there’s just nothing to do, my heart just beats like a cannonball.”


New Music: Løv Li

“Growing up playing the violin and the piano I was exposed to a lot of film music composers such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky but also to the electro pop music my friends would listen to. Both of these genres have majorly influenced the way I write and produce my songs, incorporating both electronic beats and acoustic instruments such as lush strings, piano and guitar to achieve the sound-universe I enjoy.”

Løv Li

New Music: slush.

“This track was an inspired epiphany for me. I found direction in my sound after creating this track. Jack Graham’s talented vocals are the gilded sprinkle on top of this.”