New Music: Ann Christine

This is some of the most exciting Danish talent to emerge so far this year. Ann Christine‘s experimental approach to pop fuses elements of rap and turns it into something refreshingly crisp, original and catchy.

You can hear a strong sense of boldness and confidence radiate through her sound, which inevitably leads you to totally falling in love with this kid.

“’CCC’ is truly about deliberation. About living out loud and not apologising for it. Chaos is such an inevitable importance to our lives: It’s where we both break and make ourselves – and isn’t that the beauty of it? I’ve always been a bit loud in my way of living – especially spending most of my twenties in the Berlin subculture – and through the old sayings of cats and dogs, I’m telling it as it is: Cats cause chaos that dogs don’t do. I want that my listeners feel it, breathe it in and go out in the world with a strong spine and head high.”

Ann Christine

KOPS – If Not You Then Who (with Emelie Hollow)

This gorgeous new collaboration from Danish talent KOPS and Norwegian songstress Emelie Hollow is a truly Scandinavian affair. It was written in Stockholm, taken to Oslo for Emelie’s contribution and finally finished in Copenhagen.

“This is a song about that one person in your life who can’t be replaced. Your mom or dad, an ex, a good old drinking buddy, your math teacher in high school or the guy at the grocery store – that special someone, who eventually came into your life and changed it. If this song was a movie, I guess it’d be a proper tear jerker! Well, at least, I got emotional writing it and having Emelie singing the words with me literally made it the emotional pop anthem, I think we both hoped it would be.” – KOPS

KOPS | Emelie Hollow

Drew Sycamore – 45 Fahrenheit Girl

With over 360k monthly listeners on Spotify, Drew Sycamore is well on her way to becoming one of the next big names to emerge from Denmark.

Drew Sycamore

New Music: Kleo

Copenhagen-based singer and pianist Kleo creates a style of music which is so deeply emotive and rich in character that it immediately captivates you. Quite astonishing considering the fact that she’s still unsigned, and this is her first release.

Kleo’s inspirations range from hyper-romantic love stories and an upbringing to the sound of her grandfather’s piano; through to 90’s grunge and Vedic astrology.

‘Broken Halleluiah’ is a song written as a kind of requiem for lost love, and the video is a tribute to Baz Luhrmann’s cult classic ‘Romeo & Juliet’ from 1996.

“‘Broken Hallelujah’ is a love scene and a tragedy happening in slow motion. A sort of requiem to a love that was lost to begin with. It’s the feeling of bliss and sadness being intertwined, that can be so elevating and heavenly – an emotion so intense, you can’t help but stand in awe of the universe and how we are created. While singing ‘Broken Hallelujah’, I experience these feelings so purely.”


DAVID44 – Understood

The Danish-Icelandic pop artist known as DAVID44 returns today, and he’s serving us a chilled slice of electro-pop perfection that was written in collaboration with Norwegian songwriter Caroline Ailin (who’s worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Zara Larsson, and Ellie Goulding).


Dopha – Forget Your Name

Scandinavian melancholy-pop always hits the spot.

Taken from the album ‘The Game’ which is out now.


New Music: MoonBee

Every so often you stumble across a talent who is so uniquely true to their creative selves that the music totally blows you away after just a few seconds of play.

This is the case with Danish outfit MoonBee, who creates a sound that could only be described as cosmic dream pop; a fusion of playful 60s beats, rocking 70s bass, atmospheric 80s synth and omnichord, energetic 90s guitar riffs.

It’s music that takes you to several galaxies far away, and an escapist’s idea of bliss.

“MoonBee creates music that takes you to a distant, sparkling galaxy. A tale of searching for a greater meaning within the magical infinite Universe as a kind of backlash to all that’s sense imprinted in society. A book of remembrance of being a tiny little creature against the infinity of the Universe.”

Taken from the double-debut EP ‘Come Move In Another Dimension – Part I & II’ which is out now.


New Music: Alba August

Already a noted actress, Alba August has proven to show herself as a triple threat for also being a magnificent songwriter and singer.

You won’t hear a vocal as powerful as this all week. Pure yet raw; ethereal and deeply intense.

Alba August

CHINAH – Mysterious

Danish trio CHINAH never fail to impress. This is a luxuriously textured song with a series of intricate (yet minimal) beats underlining a beautifully melodic composition.

“‘Mysterious’ was made by crudely putting together some odd elements and somehow making them fit. We try to capture the weird beauty that can arise from combining things that weren’t initially meant to be together.” – Simon Andersson, CHINAH


Amalie Bryde – Lay Down

Continuing the exceptionally high standard of neo-soul and jazz from London-based Danish-born singer-songwriter Amalie Bryde comes the release of her next single, ‘Lay Down’.

At first the song feels mellow and stripped-back, but listen carefully to the lyrics; they’re refreshingly loaded and stand for more than you think…

“In ‘Lay Down’ I sing about a man only wanting to have sex with me, but it’s so much more than that. ‘Lay Down’ is a commentary on gender inequality and what it means to be a woman in the 21st century; religiously, politically, professionally etc.”

Amalie Bryde

New Music: Alexander Grandjean

A stunning blend of alternative pop, fused with indie RnB that feels deeply emotive and timeless.

Danish talent Grandjean is no stranger to music; he’s been writing and producing hits for the likes of European heavyweights such as Nneka, Freja Kirk, Sivas and Yes-R.

Weeps‘ is taken from the upcoming debut-album ‘Via Motion‘, which will be accompanied by a 40-minute film, as every song will have its own music video.

Alexander Grandjean | ALEA


Some exciting Danish talent here. BBYBITES has a style of pop that feels playful and flirtatious while still carrying through an essence of finesse.


Alexander Oscar – January

Of all the Danish pop talent that I listen to at the moment, I have confidence that Alexander Oscar could be one of those kids that breaks out and gets momentum across Europe this year.

Alexander Oscar

Christopher – Good To Goodbye (feat. Clara Mae)

This is as melancholy as you can get with Scandinavian bubblegum pop. Just a beautifully sweet track that is so easy to fall in love with.

Christopher | Clara Mae

New Music: AGGi DiX

A finessed, beautiful and totally pure Danish soul sound by a talent emerging from Aarhus. Blissfully melodic and completely enchanting.


New Music: PORS!

Hailing from a small Danish town comes a talent who creates emotive lo-fi pop sounds that define the essence of modern youth, and the dilemmas that come with it.

“‘MIDNIGHT’ is about having a crush, but not knowing whether or not this person actually likes you. It is also about moving away from this person at the same time. And the only thing you want to do is to call you up. After midnight.

Taken from the EP ‘flowers in march’ which is out now.


Lord Siva – Stjernerne

A finessed and melodic Danish RnB sound, fused with hints of synth-pop.

Lord Siva

Saveus – Traitors

Very few people have mastered the art of producing impactful power-pop as flawlessly as Danish talent Saveus.

Taken from the upcoming feature ‘The Marco Effect’.


CHINAH – Promise

Copenhagen trio CHINAH return today with a dark slice of alternative pop that is immediately captivating and intriguing.

“’Promise’ is about saying farewell and leaving something. Because it is not a tough and bitter farewell, it is a farewell with a consciousness of taking something with you. It is a love/hate relationship with nostalgia. On the one hand, it can be a loss of memory as you are forgetting how the past occurred. On the other hand, it can be a pleasant state of dreaming.”