Ea Kaya – Kitchen Table

One of Denmark’s pop darlings returns with a new single, and one which Billboard has included as one of the “20 Great Songs To Discover While You’re Quarantined”.

Ea Kaya


Favor – Crush (Album)

While enjoying a speedy rise on the Danish music scene, Favor received news in Summer 2019 that he was experiencing loss of hearing and tinnitus, which in turn triggered panic – as it would with anyone.

“For me, creating music is a way of life and if I cannot, well who am I then? I was really scared it would get worse. Because what would happen if it did? I talked to my producer Morten Søgaard (Masasolo) about and he just asked the right questions. Which songs would you wish you had written? Who would you have written them for? What would they be about? That became a turning point for me.”

Nonetheless, Favor continues to delight us with his unique take on retro-pop.

Debut album ‘CRUSH’ is released today.


Emil Kruse – La Det Gå

Hip hop that’s entirely in Danish but don’t let that scare you away from giving it a listen – it’s a very interesting production that mixes beats with a retro, soulful vibe.

Emil Kruse

New Music: Magnus Tempels

There really has been no other song this week which has exuded as much intensity, beauty and drama as this release from Danish newcomer Magnus Tempels.

“Let Go is a homage to the synergy two people can create together and with each other. Let Go is also an acknowledgement of the darkness consuming both people in defining this twosome.”

Magnus Tempels

Elliot – Drown

“Most of my songs come from a sort of dystopian place inside of my head and often written to escape that exact place and give comfort. ‘Drown’ wasn’t written to comfort myself but a dear friend of mine who was going through really hard times of sorrow.”


New Music: Amalie Bryde

A genre-bending fusion of soul, pop and jazzy tones. Just the most refreshing sound to enjoy today.

“The song is about the discomfort of being in love with someone who broke things off but still wants you in their life.”

Amalie Bryde

New Music: Ayoe Angelica

A polished release from this promising new Danish/ Ethiopan soul talent.

“Though ‘Stupid’ sounds like bittersweet a love song, it is actually not based on a traditional love affair but on these mixed feelings I often get as an artist. Writing pop music and performing can at times feels purposeless and I sometimes get insecure and feel like quitting all of it to start looking a ‘proper’ job. Others days I feel like music is actually living inside of me, that singing is the only way I can ever express myself.”

Ayoe Angelica

SULKA, Tue Track, Khal Allan – Usagt

A really interesting mix of Danish hip hop and dreamy indie, underlined with a tone of rawness.


Soleima – Powerslide (Album)

“I’ve adopted the word ‘powerslide’ to represent my loss of control/power over myself and my attempt to regain it. As I started my musical journey as the only female in a 7-piece Danish hip-hop collective, I wanted to incorporate my love for hip-hop into Powerslide. This album is a musical genre-bending hybrid that challenges the traditional musical structures, hooks & melodies in commercial pop music.”


Marie Dahlstrøm – Home With You

“I wanted to write about flaws in a kind and positive way. I wanted to hone in on what makes us who we are. The absence of something in a person’s life, makes room for the presence of something else. ‘Home With You’ is a song about celebrating honesty and compassion in love, even if it isn’t always easy.”

Marie Dahlstrøm

M.I.L.K. – Always Summer Somewhere (Album)

After what feels like a lifetime, I am so pleased to see the debut album from Danish pop kid M.I.L.K. – a collection of songs that are nothing short of pure joy and hark back to a time of playful innocence. Just the tonic that the world needs right now…


New Music: mags

“all i hear (dada)” is essentially about an unhealthy crush but peeling deeper into the essence of the song, it concerns how you treat yourself. About how you, especially in unhealthy relations, often let impulsive instincts undertake your logic when life is passing through.”


Watch: M.I.L.K. – VCR

Always the surprise, Danish wonderkid M.I.L.K. debuts a new video today, with a twist…

“I’ve been doing a bunch of music videos for myself and my friends the last five years. So when the time came to do a music video for this single I wanted to do something different. I was tired of music videos. And everyone I know felt the same way. So I decided to do something different, and build something around a big hobby of mine – swimming pools!. So a pool guide was the obvious choice.”


New Music: ELBA

Feels like it’s been a hot minute since Denmark brought some premium pop over to Europe. That could change with ELBA – here’s a finessed pop sound with an old-school RnB vibe which is so smooth on the ears.