Alexander Oscar, SVEA – Need To Know

Alexander Oscar | SVEA

Bathsheba – Lost Your Mind

The Danish starlet returns with a punchy, sassy slice of RnB-pop, just in time for the weekend.


Lydmor – If You Want Capacity

Mildly obsessed by this new release from Danish talent Lydmor. Hauntingly dark electro pop with just the right tempo to keep your heart racing.


New Music: OLLIE

A classic disco-pop sound from this mega talented Danish newcomer. Fresh, fun, and totally feel-good.


mags – music doesn’t even help

Each one of these songs from Danish pop starlet mags deserves a listen and a boogie to.


Palace Winter – Won’t Be Long

Palace Winter wanted to create the feeling of a ‘gospel choir in space’ as an intro to this track, and that’s just the start of how eclectic this release from the Danish duo is.

Synth, soul and pop all bounce alongside one another in a sound that feels experimental and just downright cool.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘…Keep Dreaming, Buddy’ which is set to be released on 23rd October.

Palace Winter

Barselona – Landsby

The Danish duo have created a song that is so beautifully crafted that you feel a connection regardless of what languages you understand.


Off Bloom – What We Do

It’s literally impossible not to feel happy when you listen to Off Bloom’s new cut.

Off Bloom

Ida Laurberg – Love Me Right

In a word- stunning. Literally, it’s impossible to explain how much I am in love with this dreamy release from 20-year old Danish talent Ida Laurberg.

Taken from the EP ‘Phase Five‘ which is out now.

Ida Laurberg

Nicklas Sahl – Say It Back

One of Denmark’s most exciting pop exports releases his new album ‘Unsolvable’ which you can listen to here.

Nicklas Sahl

Galimatias – Let Go

Nothing to say other than this track will let your mind escape to a beautiful place for a short while.


New Music: Simon Sode

Simon Sode is delivering some of Denmark’s most promising dance-pop of late. This track has layers textured with rich beats and a thumping bass which makes the sound perfect for the summer.

Simon Sode

Rosa Raye – On Paper

One of my favourite Danish RnB talents from 2020 returns today with another jam that is so deliciously infectious and relatable. The song reminds me a lot of 90’s RnB-pop, which was a period that brought about some of the finest cuts for the genre.

“Sometimes you meet someone great, but you’re in different places and going in different directions. You have to go with what feels right to you instead of what looks good to other people. Don’t settle for being part of someone else’s dream when you can follow your own.”

Rosa Raye

Alex Holtti + LOVA – Oblivion

A stunning collaboration between two of Scandinavia’s most promising exports in recent years.

Alex Holtti | LOVA

New Music: Ida Hansson

A Danish/ Swedish talent who has mastered the sound of alternative RnB, infused with subtle pop quirks, and balanced with an essence of raw emotion and authenticity. It’s a very interesting approach to the genre and the song itself is pretty mesmerising from the first moment you press play.

Ida Hansson

New Music: Louis Jarto

Raised in the world-famous hippie, self-declared autonomous region of Christiania in Copenhagen, Louis Jarto creates a larger-than-life Danish synth pop sound with a sense of playfulness.

There’s hints of early Daft Punk on this track, and generally just a perfect vibe for the summer.

“‘Good to You’ is an emotional riot with festival attitude.”

Louis Jarto

Watch: Fjer – First Place

A trans-atlantic effort went into the making of these visuals for Danish RnB starlet Fjer’s ‘First Place’.

“I decided to make this video with my friend James Tirado across the Atlantic, during the COVID-19 quarantine. I filmed in my apartment, he filmed in his. We edited it together. I wanted to show the modern day version of a conflict – karma sure is a bitch in this one haha.”