New Music: Thaddeus

Today sees the debut release for Danish-American newcomer Thaddeus. With an emotive fusion of indie, synth and pop, this artist has created one of the most impressive releases of the week.

Beautifully melancholic in tone, ‘Do I Wanna Know’ questions whether we should always try to help solve the problems of those we care about, or if it’s better to take a step back and just be there for them.

“How are you? What’s wrong? How can I help? – when our loved one battles with their mental health, we’re supposed to reach out, offer our help, give a f*ck. But what do you do when your efforts aren’t working, if you aren’t really capable of fully understanding the problem and your well-meaning advice risks belittling or misunderstanding the issue?”

The song serves as a taster for an upcoming conceptual EP entitled ‘Reasonable Doubt’, which is out soon.


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Gustaf – love me less

It’s been a short while, but rising Danish talent Gustaf is back today with his fifth release – and it’s been worth the wait.

‘love me less’ is a beautifully melodic pop power-ballad, infused with essences of synth to offer listeners a sound that feels both classic and current at the same time. Speaking on the song’s inspiration, Gustaf says:

“‘love me less’ is based on a former relationship where I felt that I couldn’t match the other persons feelings and devotion towards me. I felt she was way ahead of me. Whenever we would ‘fool around’ I’d try to be sincere, but I just wasn’t emotionally connected as much as she was. I was basically just hoping that one day she would stop loving me. I felt my heart was so cold and I was too shy and afraid to end it, afraid to be alone.”

Musician, songwriter and producer Gustaf has frequented Alfitude’s pages often since his debut last year, consistently showcasing himself as one of the most promising pop artists to to emerge from Denmark.


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Jada – Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again

Photo / Villads Sommer

Track of the week. Now a hugely successful artist all across Scandinavia, Danish starlet (and Alfitude favourite) Jada unveils her latest album ‘Elements‘, alongside new single ‘Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again’.

The song expertly instills that trademark brand of Scandinavian melancholy over a melodic pop production, giving listeners a sound that feels moving yet empowering.

“When I experience art that really resonates with me, it leaves me feeling more like myself than before. When I come across art where I really feel like people are true to themselves, where I can imagine exactly how they would move or sing, what their soul wants to express, it reminds me of myself. It’s a mirror. I want to be that and offer that freedom of self. I want them to feel strong, cute and sexy.”

The track is just one part of a wider scope of work under the ‘Elements’ record, which took inspiration from Jada’s realisation that, as humans, we consist of multitudinous parts that shouldn’t be boxed into just one singular category.

‘Elements’ is out now | Jada

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JADA – Tour 2022:

  • 24 Sep Lollapalooza, Berlin
  • 26 Sep Melkweg Upstairs, Amsterdam
  • 27 Sep EarTH Theatre, London
  • 28 Sep Les Etoiles, Paris
  • 29 Sep Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich
  • 30 Sep Luxor, Cologne
  • 01 Oct Kent Club, Hamburg
  • 03 Oct Korjaamo, Helsinki
  • 05 Oct Parkteatret, Oslo
  • 06 Oct Nalen, Stockholm

Mercedess – Summer’s Already Gone

Photo / Alona Vibe

One of Copenhagen’s finest indie-pop starlets returns with a gorgeously soulful and dreamy release through new single ‘Summer’s Already Gone’.

Inspired by the sadness of the summer season ending, Mercedess wrote the song alongside indie superstar Goss and guitarist Søren Breum, while production came from critically acclaimed artist Vera.

I wanted to write a song that could represent both the fearlessness of the magical Summer days and the truly blue sadness of the re-occurring love story it actually is when Summer eventually comes to an end. I know it’s a heartbreaking, melancholy feeling but it’s also everything I love about Summer.”

The track is taken from the long awaited debut album, ‘Casa Fantasia’, which is also released today. Speaking on the project, Mercedess says:

“’Casa Fantasia’ is an album about longing for closeness and honesty. These songs are an escape from reality – a place to feel free and be yourself. Writing it, was a personal journey and process to me, that hopefully will make space for creativity, art and emotions for others too.”

Achievements for Mercedess just this year alone include ‘Song of the Week’ on Danish Radio P3, as well as praise from influential tastemakers like COLORS and Ones to Watch.

‘Casa Fantasia’ is out now | Mercedess

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D/troit – Heavy

Scandinavian masters of funk and soul D/troit return today with their latest single… and it’s a showstopper!

‘Heavy’ is taken from the band’s sophomore album of the same name, and delivers a refreshingly raw yet colourful take on the retro-soul genre.

With a flavour of the Western infused into the sound (you’ll experience hints of mariachi and Spanish guitar), the track feels playfully nostalgic, but also epic and cinematic in tone.

The Danish band have had quite the journey since winning ‘Best New Band’ at the Scandinavian Soul Music Awards in 2016, garnering support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Radio 2, and soul legend Gabe Roth.

Listen to the album here | D/troit

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Felix E. – Touch Me

Already an established musician in his native home of Denmark, Felix E. is a drummer who has worked alongside Scandinavian pop megastars like Drew Sycamore, Alex Vargas, Coco O, Nik & Jay and Mads Langer.

New single ‘Touch Me’ propels Felix E. into the spotlight, and is a masterclass in fusing the past with current. This is a sound that feels nostalgic and classic, while still delivering an energising and modern twist on indietronica.

“‘Touch Me’ is an ode to sex and love and the woman taking control in bed. It’s about how sex is a consensual act when done right. It’s about giving and receiving in equal measure and doing your absolute best for the person you love.”

Felix E.

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Løv Li – Can’t Let You Go

Photo / Tom McKenzie

While still only 23-years old, Copenhagen-based DIY-artist Løv Li has already marked himself as one of the most interesting artists to emerge from Denmark in recent years, thanks to his eloquent songwriting and melancholy productions.

“I’ve always had melodies spinning around in my head. These days, I often record them as one of the numerous voice-memos, I’ve got on my phone. They rapidly develop into arrangements for piano, vocals and strings and are completed with all the impulsive, experimenting sounds, I create when I work on the boundless, amazing computer.”

Haunting new single ‘Can’t Let You Go’ presents itself as a beautifully dark piece of pop, yet also feels timeless and classic thanks to its subtle orchestral tones.

The song was inspired by the decay and sudden end to what was seemingly a beautiful and unique relationship.

Løv Li

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New Music: Giift

Photo / Mikaela Grogan

If you’re a fan of soulful, mellow and introspective R&B then Giift may well be your next new favourite artist.

This South African born, Danish raised talent creates understated yet melodic masterpieces that are refreshingly minimal in tone – allowing for her unique vocal tones to deliver some of the sharpest lyricism you’ll experience today.

Remarking on the release of her debut EP ‘Archives’, Giift says:

“These five songs represent everything that I’ve experienced over the last few years. There’s a personal story behind every lyric, top to bottom, and so, it was natural for me to list them in order of when I experienced what and in the order of the emotions I was going through. ‘Archives’ is about falling in love, falling out of love, loving yourself and everything in between.”


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Freddy Madson – Feels Right (feat. Lleoh)

Photo / Therese Lærke

One of my favourite newcomers to emerge from Denmark this year has been guitarist & songwriter Freddy Madson. Today sees his return through a new collaboration that features the talents of fellow Danish artist Lleoh.

Just in time for the weekend, ‘Feels Right’ is a finessed slice of dreamy Scandinavian dance-pop – the kind that uplifts you in the most subtlest of ways.

“Imagine a club with an irresistible dance floor full of seemingly amazing people you wish you were partying amongst. But you don’t dance like them or fit their dress code and the music is anything but your taste. Anyway, here you are, considering to compromise with oneself to be part of the crowd. ‘Feels Right’ is about being true to who you are. It celebrates the outsider in every single one of us – all the flaws and peculiarities that make you and me unique and beautiful in our very own way” – Freddy Madson

Freddy Madson | Lleoh

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New Music: All Hard Feelings

Today marks the introduction for exciting new Danish alternative hip-hop outfit All Hard Feelings.

Refreshingly raw in character and tone, their debut release ‘Skibidi’ treats listeners to a huge-sounding production and an unforgettable hook.

This is a sound that feels future-forward, bold and unafraid to push boundaries – making the group one of the most interesting new Scandinavian talents to emerge this year.

All Hard Feelings

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New Music: Mads Koch

Photo / Amalie Holm Pedersen

Mads Koch is already an established artist and songwriter within the Danish music scene, having worked with the likes of Mø, Jada and Goss.

While noted for his collaborations with international pop artists, new single ‘The Lake’ sees Koch in a more intimate, almost ethereal setting. Served in an indie-folk style of sound, the track serves as a thought-provoking observation on life and death.

“I think a lot of us can gain a richer and more beautiful existence by practicing an openhearted approach to the transience of life. Not that we necessarily need to dwell on anxious contemplations about death but in away where we can get through this fear by surrendering to it. This is why ‘The Lake’ is a declaration of love to the little, quiet and seemingly uneventful situations, that our days and lives actually is made of.”

The song is released alongside Koch’s debut album ‘Fingers’, of which he says:

“‘Fingers’ is a declaration of love to the acoustic and clean sounds of instruments in an orchestral setting.The songs find themselves in a field between hope, calm and gloominess, while the lyrics reflects the thoughts that takes up a lot of space inside me.”

Mads Koch

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Mercedess – Back to Business

Photo / Marie Vindelev

There are very few emerging artists from Scandinavia right now that have the ability to construct lo-fi pop with such an effortless flair of finesse as expertly as Danish talent Mercedess.

Dreamy and understated, yet empowering in tone, her new single ‘Back to Business’ tells the story of moving on from a sudden heartbreak.

“Growing up, I’ve always been very sensitive and take everything in. I’m an introverted person in this fast moving, crazy world. But it’s cool. I enjoy my own company, the moments of silence and the creativity it buzzes and making music has created this atmosphere you can dream yourself into – a place, where you can escape reality.”

Taken from the debut album ‘Casa Fantasia’, out later this Summer.


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New Music: Sweet Tempest

Photo / Tina Dubrovsky

Berlin-based synth-pop outfit Sweet Tempest construct sounds that make an immediate impact – both sonically and lyrically.

The band carry an interesting ethos, in that they hope for people to dance to their songs, while also learning about the duo’s stance on inequality and prejudice through the lyrics.

Their hard-hitting new single ‘White Country’, for example, was created as a way to express the their outlook on the current racial climate in their home nation, Denmark.

Sweet Tempest

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Magnus Tempels – For You

Danish songwriter and producer Magnus Tempels returns today with a dark and richly atmospheric sound, in the shape of new single ‘For You’.

The song was inspired by those unsettling feelings that one gets when they sense that something is wrong in a relationship – but don’t know what it is.

Drawing on references from the likes of VETO, James Blake and Trentemøller, the song’s extraordinary production provides listeners with a sense of tension that perfectly sets the tone for the lyrics.

“I’ve experienced a stomachache on several occasions that refuses to leave me. A feeling that haunts me until I have admitted to myself that a relationship is coming to an end. That’s the feeling I’ve tried to encapsulate in ‘For You'”.

Magnus Tempels

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mp.oxford – starlight

Danish artist mp.oxford returns with a shimmering slice of indie-pop in the form of new single ‘starlight’.

This is a sound that is impossible not to fall in love with, thanks to the infectiously catchy melody and captivating vocals.


Soon – Not A Love Song

Copenhagen-based duo Soon return with an intimate and honest pop song in the shape of new single ‘Not A Love Song’.

Lead singer August Fogh delivers a heartfelt vocal performance over this acoustic and minimalistic ballad, which is all about denying the feeling of being heartbroken.


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New Music: Gorgeous

Danish duo Gorgeous unveil debut single ‘Divine’ today, and as their name entails, what you’ll experience when you press play is indeed very… gorgeous.

Crafting songs together as a team, these two talented musicians complement each other’s work while also being unafraid to embrace their human and musical differences.

The result is a shimmering pop sound that feels organic and understated, yet rich in emotion and character.

“Falling in love easily seems like a veil of euphoria, happiness and fascination. But at the same time, it’s a personal invitation into the life of a complete stranger – and the other way around – where you eventually will have to face each other’s story and what it holds of peculiarities, weaknesses, misfortune and tragedy. ‘Divine’ is about that total surrender – about showing the good and the bad sides when you bump into that “one in a million”-true love.” Maríe Louise, Gorgeous


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JEONA – Paloma

Copenhagen-based performer, producer and songwriter JEONA returns with a captivating blend of pop and alt-R&B on new single ‘Paloma’.

As everybody curled up with their loved ones during the cold Danish winters, JEONA found himself on his own with nothing but a drink and the memories of past love.

The song describes how JEONA tries to find comfort and answers through the taste of something that his former girlfriend had introduced him to, while also struggling to understand what made him like the taste in the first place. Puzzled by his feelings, he concludes that he’s stuck in the past.

“I write songs about all the vibrant colours of life.”


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New Music: Agnes Rangel

Photo / Freja More

Danish newcomer Agnes Rangel crafts an intensely unique and captivating blend of pop, jazz and trip hop. This 21-year old songwriter and musician releases her debut single ‘Blindsided’ today.

Her sound encapsulates complex human traits like infatuation and angry jealousy, all within an intimate space where honesty and feelings arise between herself and the listener.

“The song is about a beautiful friendship and how a one-sided love-euphoria can mess up everything. About how, what was meant to be a declaration of love between best friends, became a final, brutal quarrel and a recurring nightmare of total confusion and excruciating pain. I wrote ‘Blindsided’ in the middle of the night with all these emotions circulating around inside my body. I recorded it the morning after.”

Watch out for the upcoming EP, ‘Sexual Dependency’, which is expected to be released later this year.

Agnes Rangel

Asbjørn – STB x Boyfriend

Photo / Johanna Hvidtved

Consistently delivering some of the most interesting sounds to come out of Denmark, Asbjørn never fails to impress with his releases.

New single ‘STB x Boyfriend’ is a masterclass in pop – with a simple yet sleek production, an infectiously memorable melody, engaging lyrics and a fabulous vocal performance; this is one song worthy of being added to your playlists for the weekend.

“By the end of 2018, I was living in Los Angeles for a little while, wrapping up the album in a cute house in Echo Park, where roosters woke me up every morning at 4 AM. I was falling for a guy who lived there, and one night I dreamt of him. In the dream our love affair was soundtracked by ‘STB x Boyfriend’, but in this around-the-bonfire sing-a-long version. When the roosters woke me up, I grabbed a guitar and sat down on the front porch to rewrite the lyrics. The song found a different nerve and rawness with the rusty guitar, that somehow fit the rather naive chorus, about a relationship that was bound to end before it even began.”

Taken from new album ‘Boyology’ which is out now.