Yune – Cake

Photo / niklasadrianvindelev

One of Denmark’s most interesting alternative outfits in recent years has been Yune. Throughout their career, the acclaimed rock quintet from Aarhus have consistently delivered bold and experimental songs, and today’s release of ‘Cake’ is no exception.

This 90’s inspired indie masterpiece looks at the random moments in life when we get a sudden urge to break away from the mundane, and ‘want everything all at once’.

The track serves as a taster to the group’s forthcoming ‘Lemon Sweet Perfection‘ sophomore album, which is out soon. You can experience more of Yune’s music right here.


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Brimheim – Brand New Woman (feat. eee gee)

Photo / Andre Hansen

Two of our favourite Scandinavian artists have teamed up together on a powerful new release that deserves your attention.

‘Brand New Woman’ is a musical collaboration between Brimheim and eee gee, and questions the societal expectations of women – as well as the roles that they’re pressured to fulfil in life.

A glass of wine / Might calm me down / Am I foaming at the mouth? / Scratch marks on the bed frame / And tears in the new towels

“The song addresses the pressure of trying to live up to the myth of the perfect woman – a devoted and obedient dog who never complains. Tail wagging for attention. Unfortunately, I’ve been that woman in past relationships. Society’s expectations of women have definitely shaped that ideal, but ultimately I have only myself to blame. It is a violence I’ve inflicted on myself when I valued comfort over authenticity.” – Brimheim (aka Helena Rebensdorf)

The track serves as a taster to Brimheim’s upcoming sophomore ‘RATKING’ album, which is out on the 22nd March 2024. You can also catch the artist performing at various locations across Europe next spring – dates are listed below.

Brimheim | eee gee

Tour Dates 2024

  • Sat, Feb 17, 2024: Nordklang Festival, St. Gallen – CH 
  • Fri, May 17, 2024: Kantine Berghain, Berlin – DE 
  • Sat, May 18, 2024: Orange Blossom Special, Beverungen – DE 
  • Sun, May 19, 2024: V11, Rotterdam – NL
  • Tue, May 21, 2024: Merleyn, Nijmegen – NL
  • Wed, May 22, 2024: The Lexington, London – UK

EMI WIDE x Jaydev – Feels

Photo / Karoline Stensen

Danish pop really has had one of its finest years in a very long time. And with that in mind, we’ve got one more bop to share with you today from the Nordic nation, called ‘Feels’.

Created as a collaboration between rising talents EMI WIDE and Jaydev, this song delivers a style of sound that effortlessly blends R&B and pop with rap.

While sonically the track gathers its inspiration from the Y2K era, it still feels fresh and exciting to listen to. Elaborating on the lyricism, the artists say:

“‘Feels’ is about the longing and frustrations that can easily arise in a relationship in 2023; a time when it’s never been easier to communicate with each other – and yet it can often be extremely difficult, even though you may ultimately want the same thing.” – EMI WIDE

“It’s so easy to misunderstand each other. ‘Feels’ depicts how, even in the most challenging moments of love, there’s always a way back to each other if you’re willing to give it a try.” – Jaydev

EMI WIDE | Jaydev

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[PREMIERE] Watch HunBjørn’s visuals for latest single ‘In The Eye’

Photo / Julie Montauk

We are so excited to be sharing with you a first glimpse of Scandinavian artist HunBjørn’s new music video, ‘In The Eye’.

Marking the return of this much-acclaimed Danish indie starlet, the visuals represent HunBjørn’s new style of sound, and serve as a taster to her upcoming suite of releases.

If you’ve yet to listen to the song itself, it’s a beautifully atmospheric piece of electronica that also incorporates other genres like dance and alt-pop, while the lyrics take their inspiration from the concept of ‘forbidden desire’.

“It’s that moment you didn’t see coming, but suddenly find yourself in, where the rush of temptation really threatens to overthrow all reason, and it takes serious strength not to give in.”

For listeners who are new to HunBjørn, this rising talent is not only a singer but also a songwriter, producer and arranger, and a key originator of industry community WeProduce.


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MALU – Heavy Baggage

One of our favourite Scandinavian starlets has returned today, and boy, was it worth the wait.

Danish artist MALU’s new single ‘Heavy Baggage’ treats listeners to a melodic and finessed fusion of alternative R&B and soulful pop.

As charming as it is emotive, the track looks at the concept of self-awareness, and the desire to move forwards in life without carrying previous traumas.

“‘Heavy Baggage’ is an ode to self-realisation and explores the art of moving forward without being held hostage by your past. It’s about finding that rare individual who doesn’t just share your load but teaches you how to lighten it.” 

To date, MALU has amassed more than 1.5 million career streams on Spotify alone, while also commanding an impressive 23k monthly listeners on the platform.


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New Music: GUZO

Photo / Bobby Mandrup

Track of the week. Danish newcomer GUZO (aka August Fogh) has just unveiled his debut single ‘Radical’, and it’s a spectacular piece of music from a very promising artist.

By fusing elements of indie with pop, the song invites listeners into a soundscape that feels bold and rich in sonic textures.

Alongside its cinematic style of production, the track also features soulful vocals that tell of the ‘wild, unfiltered emotional turmoil that arises from radical love.’

I wrote it as a confidence booster at a time in my life where I really needed that. I hope you will feel a little stronger, taller and braver listening to ‘Radical’

When he’s not developing his own music, GUZO is also a well-known songwriter who has worked with established Danish names like ArtigeArdit x Lamin, Goss, Jada, Saint Clara and Phlake.


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New Music: Sofie Mathiasen

Sofie Mathiasen is an emerging American-Danish singer and songwriter who is currently building considerable traction across social media – particularly on Tik Tok where she’s already amassed more than 50k followers.

‘Smile’ is a captivating dark-pop song that was lyrically inspired by the effects of social media on people and society. Mathiasen explains:

‘Smile’ is a song about that discrepancy. The fable of a clown, but also a mirror to society in the age of social media.

Alongside her growing presence online, the artist has also garnered thousands of streams from the release of just four singles. This is one talent to keep on your radars in 2024.

Sofie Mathiasen

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Brimheim – Literally Everything

Photo / André Hansen

Danish-Faroese musician and songwriter Brimheim (aka Helena Rebensdorf) returns with her first release since 2022’s debut record, ‘can’t hate myself into a different shape’.

The wait has been long – but worth it, as the artist’s new single ‘Literally Everything’ showcases Scandinavian alt-pop at its very finest. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Brimheim says:

“Throughout my life, I’ve behaved in a lot of self destructive ways, attempting to fill this deep, barren void inside of me with everything from drugs to self-harm. But more than anything else, I’ve had to reckon with an unquenchable desire for other people’s approval and adoration, both as a human being and as an artist. That’s what ‘Literally Everything’ is about – the overwhelming impulse to sacrifice everything, including my self respect, in exchange for a moment of admiration.”

“When I started receiving a lot of attention for my music on my local scene, it was a pivotal time for me. My lifelong dream of being a successful artist was becoming a reality, but I felt more insecure than ever. That small glimmer of fame was so enticing, I foolishly attached my entire sense of self to it. I remember reading a single negative review of my debut album, amidst an array of positive media coverage and heartfelt fan messages, and it completely obliterated me. It was brutal to confront how brittle my self-esteem actually was.”

Brimheim is rapidly marking her name as one of Denmark’s brightest newcomers. To date, this musician has picked up four Faroese Music Awards, and was a nominated entry for 2021’s Hope of the Year at the Danish Music Critics Award. The artist has also received support from the established outlets as prominent as BBC, The Line of Best Fit, KEXP, NRK and DR.


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If you’ve ever wondered what an indie-rock Bond theme would sound like, then pressing play to ‘I Can’t Stop the Rain from Falling’ by rising Danish band CAROUSELS should give you a sweet glimpse.

Through its impressive production, the track transports listeners to a mysterious sonic universe that feels melancholic, moody and reflective in tone. Lyrically, the song addresses the challenges that life throws at us – as the band explains:

“It’s about going through a series of difficult life events, and many friends and family trying to rationalise and spiritualise the reasons for why. Meanwhile, few acknowledged and tuned into the pain and hardship experienced, making the whole situation more difficult to go through.”

Despite forming only last year, CAROUSELS have already begun to generate hype across Denmark. The group have played iconic venues like BETA and Råhuset, and collaborated with musicians as noted as Fyfe.


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Rangleklods – Your House

If you miss Daft Punk as much as we do, then playing ‘Your House’ by Danish electronic powerhouse Rangleklods should put a smile on your face.

The song blends that classic, timeless French disco sound with hints of indie and pop, resulting in a piece of music that feels familiar but also very fresh at the same time.

Complimenting the release of the track, Rangleklods has also unveiled some spellbinding visuals that feature footage from a show which was filmed at the Avernax Festival.

Fans in Europe can catch Rangleklods live on tour across several countries, beginning later this month at Panoptikon in Vridsløselille Fængsel. Dates and venues listed below.


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Rangleklods European Tour 2023-24

  • Fri, Sep 15, 2023: Panoptikon, Vridsløselille Fængsel, DK
  • Sat, Mar 9, 2023: Platform K, Horsens – DK
  • Fri, Mar 15, 2024: Pumpehuset, Copenhagen – DK 
  • Fri, Mar 22, 2024: Studenterhus, Aalborg – DK 
  • Sat, Mar 23, 2024: Århus Volume (volume village), Aarhus – DK
  • Thu, Mar 28, 2024: X-Tra Musikcafé, Zûrich – CH
  • Wed, Apr 3, 2024 Melkweg Amsterdam – NL
  • Fri, Apr 5, 2024: Uebel & Gefährlich (Turmzimmer) – Hamburg – DE 
  • Sat, Apr 6, 2024: Badehaus – Berlin – DE 
  • Thu, Apr 11, 2024: Rote Bar – Vienna – AT

Alexander Grandjean – Sailor

Photo / Rune Svenningsen

This isn’t the first time that we’ve featured Alexander Grandjean on these pages, and for good reason.

The acclaimed Danish singer, songwriter and producer has built a name for himself across the world thanks to his sharp attention to detail and natural flair for creating ‘forest pop’ sounds that are refreshingly unique – but also relatable.

New single ‘Sailor’ is lifted from the musician’s upcoming ‘Holy Hills’ album (due for release in September), and is inspired by the longing feelings that we experience when distance pulls us apart from the people who we love.

“I’ve been away for too long, I see the change in your face. How many days have we lost? I need to start saying your name”

To date, Grandjean’s solo work has garnered more than 100k streams on Spotify alone. You can experience more of the artist’s work here.

Alexander Grandjean

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New Music: Dania O. Tausen

Hailing from the Faroe Islands is singer, songwriter and poet Dania O. Tausen, who has just unveiled one of the most gorgeous Nordic releases of the summer so far.

While sung entirely in Dania’s native Faroese language, ‘kann eg hava armin soleiðis her?’ (‘Can I have my arms like this?’) carries with it a unique sense of charm which makes it instantly captivating to any listener.

The track’s production beautifully fuses folk with soft tones of pop and indie, resulting in a sound that is warm and welcoming in tone. Elaborating further on the song’s inspiration, the artist says:

“You may have asked someone this question at some point in your life. Maybe on a crowded aeroplane, in a small car or on a tiny sofa. Sometimes there’s just not enough space for our arms! Where do we put them? ‘Can I have my arm like this?’ said by the right person, can be a very sweet sound”.

The single is taken from Dania’s forthcoming double album ‘ja/nei og restin av vikuni’, which is released on the 21st July and 12th October. Until then, you can immerse yourselves in Dania’s debut record ‘gonguteigatúnatos’ here.

Dania O. Tausen

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New Music: JO universe

Our introduction to JO universe proves that Denmark is currently one of Europe’s leading nations for emerging musical talent.

As the creative project of artists Johanne Marie Theill (singer & writer) and Nicolai Absalon (co-writer & producer), these two musicians are creating some of the most exciting and interesting sounds to emerge from Scandinavia in quite some time.

In equal parts, the duo’s infectious new single ‘Sweet Deal’ is an eccentric, camp, quirky and high-drama slice of alternative pop that you’ll likely have on repeat for the rest of the day.

This is a sound that is bravely playful and utterly captivating to experience – and marks a promising taster to the band’s upcoming releases.

JO universe

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New Music: Astrid Cordes

Photo / Mads Fisker

No song sums up the midweek blues as well as ‘Stop Dreaming’ by Danish singer and songwriter Astrid Cordes.

Aside from its beautifully raw and introspective lyrics, the track’s flawlessly blended fusion of soft disco and dark indie-pop has convinced us that this is one of the most impressive Scandinavian releases so far this spring. Elaborating further on the song, Cordes explains:

“It seems like yesterday, I pulled my beloved idol posters and the luminescent stars off the walls of my teenage bedroom and moved out of my dad’s house. But here I am; happily stuck in a new role and part of life. I found myself reflecting on the success and lives of others, inevitably feeling insecure and losing faith in who I am as an artist and what I can achieve as a human being.”

“‘Stop Dreaming’ is a mental and artistic state of emergency. It’s also kind of a paradox ’cause I’ve never been more creative than I am right now. Inspired by the frustrating emotions I was going through, I sat down by the piano and wrote the song in less than 30 minutes. ‘Stop Dreaming’ is a bittersweet salute to anyone who has felt like giving up on their dreams and goals in life.”

‘Stop Dreaming’ is part of a trilogy of EP’s by Astrid, which will all come together to form her upcoming album, entitled ‘Hurry Up and Kiss Me While the Baby’s Still Asleep’ (out later this year).

Astrid Cordes

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The Jürgen Clubs – Rare Candy

Photo / Line Westerboe

Rising Danish rockers The Jürgen Clubs return with yet another impressive release today called ‘Rare Candy’.

Through its bold and captivating indie-rock production, the song focuses on how we, as a society, have seemingly lost the ability to share or debate our opinions in meaningful and thoughtful ways.

‘Rare Candy’ is The Jürgen Clubs’ fourth single to date, and was produced by Søren Buhl (who is also known for his work with Scandinavian artists as prominent as Blaue Blume, Greta and Rebecca Lou).

Showing their potential to become one of Denmark’s next musical exports, the band continue to gain traction globally, with recent features on Spotify’s New Music Friday, as well as support from noted outlets like Kings of A&R.

The Jürgen Clubs

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jazzygold – dyed my hair red

Photo / analogram

Faroese starlet jazzygold is back today with a sublime new single, and it might just be the best R&B banger that we’ve come across in a very long time.

Inspired by the feelings of sadness and anger that arise from having a broken heart, the song’s refreshingly honest lyrics present listeners with a topic that all too many of us are familiar with.

“We all feel like dying our hair red at some mental break point in our lives. The feeling is short but sweet and can feel like a new beginning, for a while.” 

The song follows on from the artist’s widely acclaimed debut single, boring like me, which was released earlier this year. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… this talent needs to be on everyone’s radar!


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Rosa Raye – Forever Boy

Photo / Julie Montauk

It’s been a short while, but emerging Danish starlet Rosa Raye finally returns today with a brand new single called ‘Forever Boy’.

Through its sleek yet playful blend of disco-infused pop and R&B, the song tells of the empowerment that comes with modern dating. Raye elaborates:

“I think sometimes our fear of missing out or making the wrong choice actually means that we are missing out. If we’re not fully present, and if we don’t go ‘all in’, we don’t get to experience those great feelings and things on the other side of that door. I think there’s power in making a choice and closing doors”.

The track was co-created in London alongside acclaimed musicians Teis Zacho and Louis Eliot, and continues to showcase Rosa’s natural flair for songwriting.

With only three other singles released to date, Raye has already picked up praise from heavyweight Nordic tastemakers like Soundvenue and Bands of Tomorrow, while also amassing thousands of streams online. Fans can look forward to a debut EP, which is on the way.

Rosa Raye

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MALU – Comfort Zone

No matter how safe you feel in life, you can be sure that the world will find ways to turn things upside down and remind you that our time on this earth is ultimately just a long and unpredictable ride.

Danish-Corsican artist MALU’s soulful new single ‘Comfort Zone’ addresses the natural feelings of discomfort that arise when we are uncertain about the future, but also encourages us to embrace those moments, as they allow us to grow.

”Life is unpredictable. It’s full of surprises, people, experiences and moments that you never saw coming. The uncertainty about what’s to come can be frightening or even make you anxious and to some it helps to know what tomorrow or next week brings or even just what is going to happen in the movie you’re watching on Netflix. I’ve lived like that for years – safe and in control – but looking back, I never gave myself a chance to grow or develop, always living in my comfort zone.”

MALU is a talent who is already on the rise, having amassed more than a million career streams from the release of only a handful of singles. The artist headlines Vesterbro’s iconic VEGA venue later this year.


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WIINSTON – tick in blue

It’s a big day for independent Copenhagen outfit WIINSTON, who have just unveiled a brand new single, music video and album.

Inspired by the world of social media in which we now live in, ‘tick in blue’ is taken from the duo’s freshly-released ‘THE LAST DAYTONA’ LP (out now). Sonically, the production treats listeners to a refined and melodic fusion of alternative R&B, dreamy indie and shimmering, lo-fi pop.

“Smartphones have become an extension of what it means to be human. Somehow, it seems like a generation gap is missing, where we’re trying to adapt to the wrong paradigms. Even adults are waiting for their 10 sec videos to go viral while the Arctic is melting faster than the ice cubes in their freshly mixed gin & tonic. Provocative? Sure! But we’re also well aware, that when you point the finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.”

As their first new album in four years, ‘THE LAST DAYTONA’ represents a new chapter in the group’s sonic evolution, as they explain:

“A lot of things have happened since our last album – both personally and creatively. We’ve been in bloom, withered again and found ourselves in the creation of what feels more powerful and right than anything we’ve ever done. This album is the perfect picture of how we currently define WIINSTON; as a genre-fluid space with no limitations.”

To date, WIINSTON have garnered praise from international outlets as respected as Kaltblut, ENFNTS Terribles and Variance Magazine, while also amassing more than fifteen million career streams on Spotify alone.


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Rangleklods – Song We Used To Play

Photo / André Hansen

He’s kept up waiting for almost three years, but Danish electronic artist Rangleklods (aka Esben Nørskov Andersen) is back today with one of the most interesting releases of the week.

Experimental and intriguing in tone, ‘Song We Used To Play’ presents listeners with a refreshingly eccentric mix of electronica, indie and pop.

“It’s a song about a friendship that faded away. You move away, forget to stay in touch, and eventually the relationship is just a fond, hazy memory that you hold onto. And the lyrics, just like the friendship you look back on, are also fading away — only the melody is persistent, and remains.”

In typical Scandinavian fashion, the song seamlessly balances essences of melancholy with playfulness, and leaves us with a beautifully immersive soundscape that is really quite unique to experience.

Since the project’s debut back in 2012, Rangleklods has been praised my most global music outlets – from BBC Radio 1 and The Guardian through to The New York Times, Wonderland Magazine and The Line of Best Fit.


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