New Music: Hakami

Still only 18-years old and yet this Danish wonder kid has created one of the best blends of RnB and indie pop that I have heard so far this month.

Hakami paints a picture of being young and in love on new singe ‘bS’ – from the hard-hitting love intoxication, to turbulent break-ups and everything in between.

Taken from the debut EP ‘pOLAROID dREAMING’ which is set to release later this year.


New Music: updog

Copenhagen-based talent updog is already setting himself up as a force to be reckoned with.

Garnering over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this artist’s quirky approach to alt-pop is winning him fans across the world at a very fast pace. ‘skellies’ is a hugely catchy track and serves as the lead single to his upcoming EP, of which he says:

“‘skellies’ set the foundation for the overall theme of this EP. It’s inspired by one of my personal worst periods. A time in my life where I was the most self conscious and struggled to ever be real and honest about anything. ‘Mama said I’m keeping the deposit’ as true as that statement and excitement was back then, for me represents the need to always seek approval. ‘Mama’ is an overused word throughout the EP, and represents my youthfulness but also fear of being real.”

Upcoming EP ‘skellies’ is out on 1st October 2021.


Klaptrae – Space, Changed

A gorgeously balanced fusion of dream pop, indie and shoegaze from Danish artist Klaptrae.

This is a sound that feels intimate and delicate, and lyrically sets the tone for upcoming EP ‘Changes’, where the songs looks inward; questioning the paths of life and the doubts that may lie in it.

New single ‘Space, Changed’ is an emotional piece about moving away from the familiar and chasing a dream, to suddenly realise that ‘everything has changed.’

The new EP ‘Changes’ will be released on 25th June 25 2021.


Elias Boussnina – bread+butter

Current Danish RnB really doesn’t get much better than Elias Boussnina. New single ‘bread+butter’ takes a more conceptual approach to the genre, all the while still sounding gorgeously sleek.

Elias Boussnina

New Music: Daniel Joy

Indie-pop with a nostalgic twist from Danish talent Daniel Joy. One of the catchiest bops you’ll likely enjoy all weekend, ‘How to Talk to Girls’ is about an insecure young man in a world that expects you to always be on top of your game. But when the game is love, life’s not always easy!

“‘How to Talk to Girls’ is a tribute to the shy guy. I recall the awkward moments in bars, you know, the moments where one of your friends introduces you to this girl, and you suddenly turn into a silent and uncomfortable shell. It’s just as much about impressing your friends, as it is finding the courage to actually talk to a girl you’ve just met. No one wants to be known as the shy and awkward friend sitting in the corner and I can think of a dozen times where a book for dummies or a tutorial video would have come in handy. I still don’t know what’s going on – so here’s a song about it!” –

Daniel Joy

mp.oxford – places

I’ve had my ears tuned in to mp.oxford for some time now, so it’s always a delight to hear a new release from this massively talented Copenhagen-based RnB-pop artist.

‘places’ is an effortlessly sleek number that feels finessed and emotive, serving as a refreshing anthem for the summer season ahead.

The song is a physical and mental escape from the places, and the memories that follow, where you’ve spent the most of your time together with that person you thought was the love of your life.

It happened to me, but it is in no way a special feeling. I think it is one of the most common sides in the aftermath of heartbreak. And it is the constant reminding of the other person’s existence, when you visit these places that makes it so difficult to get over the person and move on.

That feeling is extremely frustrating, because it plants a doubt in your mind, asking you if you really want to move on.

Taken from the debut EP ‘external heartdrive’ which is out on 4th June 2021.


Watch: Drew Sycamore – Jungle

Danish-Welsh star Drew Sycamore returns today with an epic blend of power-pop and synth in the form of new single ‘Jungle’.

Drew’s latest album ‘Sycamore’ (out now) was written and recorded in just 30 days, in collaboration with Fridolin and Frederik Nordsø and songwriter Lasse Boman.

“’Jungle’ is made under a violet sky where I found myself in a particularly melancholy nostalgic mood. I was involved and not in love at the same time and everything felt so overwhelming. Life has a funny way of sorting itself out and I guess the emotion that came out in ‘Jungle’ was this feeling of a backwards fall of a cliff into the deep sea. I had to just float and surrender to things unfolding by themselves.”

Drew Sycamore

New Music: eee gee

Danish talent eee gee creates a kind of indie-pop that is hard not to fall in love with. ‘Favourite Lover’ is a song that feels charming yet eccentric to listen to, all the while bringing a new approach to the genre that is refreshingly original.

eee gee

Emi Wes – Take Me To The Moon

Undoubtedly one of my favourite Danish talents of late, Emi Wes returns with an infectiously catchy blend of soul of indie-pop that gives you dreamy, summery vibes.

This is a playfully quirky sound that still feels effortlessly sleek, all the while glistening with hints of nostalgia.

“‘Take Me To The Moon’ is about a very short-lived fling where you just want to have fun while it lasts, feeling confident in your desires, knowing that you have to go soon. ‘Cause you’re too busy.”

Emi Wes

New Music: Ellison

If you know your Danish pop then you may recognise Ellison from his previous project, SHERPA (who was featured on here countless times).

Now he’s venturing solo with the fantastic debut release of ‘I Could Be Your Lover’. This is premium synth-pop that was made for the dance floor, taking inspiration from the New 80’s vibe which is spreading all across Denmark.


Soon – Soda

Hailing from Aarhus in Denmark, duo Soon have created one of the catchiest Scandinavian bops that you will likely listen to all weekend. ‘Soda’ is an infectiously feel-good track that reminds you to stop, smile and appreciate life for a moment or two.

“‘Soda’ is all about letting go of your worries. It came together after a long writers’ block and is a reminder of the importance of naivety and immediacy in life. It’s charming, persuasive and youthful – and we hope ‘Soda’ will make you let go of your worries and inspire you to go after what you really want in life!”


New Music: AICK

I am really excited to introduce new Danish duo AICK ( Helene Hoier and Eik Petterson).

‘Only’ is an upbeat blend of alt-pop and RnB, with lyricism that looks at finding the inner strength and courage to stand up, break free, and move forward despite the odds.


RoseeLu – F*** With My Feelings

There’s no doubt that Danish talent RoseeLu is shaping up to become one of the biggest pop exports to emerge from the Scandinavian nation. Previous release ‘Playing Alone’ ended up getting featured on more than 20 big tastemaker sites worldwide, including Billboard themselves.

Now she’s back with an equally fantastic follow-up, showcasing a style of music that blends alt-pop with hip hop, while adding a little 90’s nostalgia in there too for some extra goodness.

“‘F*** with my Feelings’ is about the insane state of mind you are in when you are in love – but also the addiction which I know way too well from past relationships


New Music: Gustaf

Gustaf has been one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Denmark so far this year, in my view.

If you’re a fan of LANY or LAUV then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this 26-year old musician, songwriter and producer. Scandinavian alt-pop at it’s finest, ‘lose u.’ is a sound that is infectiously catchy yet understated in a very cool way.

“‘lose u.’ originates from a fight I had with my girlfriend. In the heat of the moment I said something that I instantly regretted. In the time after the fight, she needed to think things through, it wasn’t really that dramatic looking back, but my feelings of losing her back then were nonetheless true for me. And as a coping mechanism I kinda told myself that what I said back then had some truth to it.”


New Music: siné

A happy-go-lucky pop sound from a new Danish talent that blends old-school soul and funk into a sound that feels pleasantly whimsical and tremendously catchy.


Jada – I’m Back

One of Denmark’s most successful music talents of late, Jada has already hit more than 30 million streams and won no less than 12 awards since her debut in 2018. Today sees the release of her new single, aptly titled ‘I’m Back’.

This is an epic (almost cinematic) track that carries the theme of trusting yourself, being true to who you are and not caring about what other people may think.

“‘I’m Back’ is about getting through a process. It’s about doubting yourself and losing balance and then finding the way back to yourself again. It’s also about how I relate to judgmental voices both from the outside and from within myself. It’s a song that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but it was hard to describe the nuances of both taking things in and getting hit by the words and at the same time shaking them off again and not really caring about what other people think.”


New Music: Kamma

A gorgeously melodic and deeply moving sound from Danish talent Signe Rønsov ‘Kamma’. This artist is unafraid of expressing her inner self, her fragility and her intimacy through music.

As the daughter of a parent with Alzheimer’s, Signe struggled to find room for the same development of identity that all of her friends were undergoing, and to live the life of a normal teenager; eventually adopting the stance of being a people-pleaser to avoid confrontation.

In time, she learnt to develop her self esteem and began practicing the art of saying ‘no’. It’s so great to see someone stand up for themselves, because what we now have in front of us is a beautifully gifted pop talent to enjoy.

“One of the most important things for me today is therefore daring to stand by myself and my selfish dreams, and to keep reminding myself that it is okay for me to be someone other than the young woman whose mom is sick.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Momentary Emotions’ which is out now.


Feels – Still On My Mind

The hugely exciting Danish R&B-pop duo consisting of Siná Mousavian (singer/ songwriter) and David Evers (songwriter/producer) return today with a sleek song that looks at the desire of being with an ex who is being treated badly by her current boyfriend.

‘Still On My Mind’ was created after David came up with a guitar riff that brought up some feelings and memories from Siná:

“When I heard the guitar it took me back to that feeling of wanting this someone back who felt the same but couldn’t escape from her toxic relationship. I used to be exactly that for her, but this time around I was ready to man up.”


New Music: Liberty

Danish talent Mattias Kolstrup (aka Liberty) is already widely known in his native homeland as the lead singer of the electro-rock group Dúné. Now he’s branching out with his own solo music, and it’s wonderful fusion of cosmic indie pop and soft psychedelic rock.

”I was pondering a relationship going to shit. So I went all the way to the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania – I had to get as far away and as close to the stars as possible. But of course, the further away I went, the more I thought of home and of her. When I reached the top, I met a strange old woman. She told me that I was a moon child set on the sun and maybe, for once, I should just try to be where I was. Here, now. I heeded her advice and ‘The Last Time’ was written then and there.”

Taken from the upcoming new album, ‘Moon Child Set On The Sun’ which is out soon.


New Music: Reiley

Already a hugely successful name on TikTok and Instagram, Reiley hails from the Faroe Islands and brings a chirpy and playful twist on electro-pop that is near impossible not to enjoy.