New Music: Isabel LaRosa

If there’s one song that will instantly command your attention today, then Isabel LaRosa’s ‘HELP’ will be it.

This is a bold, haunting and intensely gripping approach to dark pop that sounds like nothing else you may have come across. Lyrically, the track is inspired by the thoughts that one can get when they devote themselves to others – but don’t get anything back in return.

Still only 17-years of age, Annapolis-born LaRosa has already had work featured on flagship Spotify playlists like Pop Sauce, Pop Rising and Fresh Dance Pop.

“I kinda hated singing when I was a kid, so it’s a little odd that it’s my whole life now.  My dad brought me and my brother up playing music at local Annapolis jazz jams and open mic nights where my older brother played guitar and my dad played saxophone. Even though our Mom isn’t a musician she raised us on a steady diet of classic rock and salsa, a true Cuban. I don’t think any of our family members were shocked when we started to write our own material in elementary and middle school. To this day, we write everything in our bedroom; the middle school writing process still seems to be the best. “

‘HELP’ serves as the second release in a trilogy instalment, which also includes previous single ‘HAUNTED’.

Isabel LaRosa

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