James Deacon – Gone

SAMA-nominated artist James Deacon continues to release some of the most impressive blends of indie-pop and rock to have emerged from South Africa in recent years.

‘Gone’ serves as a powerful and cinematic self reflection that explores depression, and shows a vulnerable side to the Deacon that listeners may not have seen before.

“I wrote ‘Gone’ whilst dealing with some pretty overwhelming bouts of depression. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time and for me personally it comes in waves. Music has and will always be my way of interpreting the world around me and the world within, so ‘Gone’ comes from a moment where I felt like the world around me was equally as chaotic as my own mind, so I sat down and pulled this one from the depths of my heart in the hopes that it might help people who are dealing with their own anxiety and depression.” 

James Deacon

James Deacon – Reason

“Reason is the first song I’ve written that details romantic love. It’s my thank you note to a very important person who was the catalyst for my decision to quit my job and become a full time musician. The chorus is a thank you to her and the verses are about how we met and how she’s helped shape the man I am today.”

James Deacon

James Deacon – Not Givin’ Up

James Deacon‘s first single balances an edgy rock sound with a fearless, youthful twist.

New Music: James Deacon

Here’s a pure vocal and stunning melody, all delivered in the purest way you could imagine. A very exciting potential.

James Deacon