Jane Holiday – All Yours

“All Yours is a classic tale of unrequited love. A song about my first real girlfriend leaving for school, and me being so heart broken and willing to stick around and wait her out. Oddly, it worked and we’ve been together for ten years.”

Jane Holiday


Jane Holiday – My Love, By Love

My Love, Bye Love was written while I was living in New York with my girlfriend. It was one of the earlier times in our lives that we had full freedom and independence… and we fully took advantage of that opportunity. We were running up and down Manhattan, she was studying, I was writing loads of songs, we were kind of just exploring ourselves, each other, exploring a new city, and figuring out what it’s like to find yourself as an adult. On the way you pick up some habits, you lose some, and you learn to deal with what other people think of your choices. Really at the end of the day, fuck em’, but there is a lasting impact on your decisions. But this song is kind of a reflection on that time of my life. A coming of age love story…”