Joyeur – Window Shopping

Los Angeles-based vocalist & songwriter Joyeur returns today with a charmingly playful, whimsical and dreamy slice of pop perfection.

‘Window Shopping’ was born out of feeling tired of the artist hustle waiting for life to begin – something that was only exacerbated by the world-halting pandemic.

“The song is all about the predicament of the dreamer in a world where successes are flaunted as tantalising vistas. You’re so tired of the hustle, but seeing the possibility of the dream become a reality, keeps you going. As a small artist, there’s a feeling of waiting for life to begin, something that was only exacerbated by this world-halting pandemic. Life was put on pause and I started window shopping for a new one, elaborately and optimistically imagining what my life could be like. It was the jolt of escapism I needed for a somewhat bleak-feeling reality – sitting in my bedroom fantasising about flying to St. Tropez with Lil Nas!”

Debut album ‘How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’ is due soon.


New Music: Joyeur

Joyeur is a creative partnership between vocalist and songwriter Joelle Corey and production collaborator Anna Feller. With a feminist mentally, Joelle only selects female creators to work with; from producers to video directors.

As a duo, Joyeur craft electro-pop sounds that are not only flawlessly constructed but also infectiously memorable.

“The song illuminates my most primitive self who is constantly assessing possible risks and finding the nearest exit route. It’s about being present for your pain, the relief that comes with healing, and vibrating at a higher frequency not so bogged down by fear. In the end, it’s a song about being a human.” – Joelle Corey