KAYLS – On The Rocks

If you’re on the hunt for a pop-rock banger to perk up your Wednesday then you’ve come to the right place!

LA-based singer and songwriter KAYLS has just released a brand new single called ‘On The Rocks’, which she describes as a ‘celebratory break up song where I recount my intuitive thoughts as I reflect on a relationship’.

It’s a bold, punchy and energising slice of guitar-driven alt-pop that is sure to stay with you for the rest of the day. Elaborating further on the song’s lyrics, KAYLS explains:

“Who wants the cork of someone else’s champagne bottle landing in their moules-frites? That’s what a septic relationship can feel like. You’re sitting at the wrong table with a cork floating in your dinner and no champagne. It’s like if you put on a blindfold and spin around and around and take it off and try to run you’re going to fall down. This song feels like a pact with myself to never override my intuition or allow myself to attach to the wrong person again.”

To coincide with the release of the song, KAYLS has also launched the sale of specially created Jasmine Soaking Salts for fans to enjoy – more details can be found here.