Kayls – Internet

It’s no secret that investing too much time online can lead to some damaging and toxic outcomes, and yet we still find ourselves struggling to withdraw.

This is the subject that American artist KAYLS addresses on her new single, ‘Internet’. Aside from its relatable and thought-provoking lyricism, the track also delivers a gorgeously dreamy style of ballad-pop that is really quite captivating to experience.

“For better or for worse, society has been disrupted by social media. Our ability to connect with so much, often leads to losing touch with our authentic selves and the people in our lives. My new song, ‘Internet’ zooms in on the negative effects of this societal shift; being one with the internet. This song comes at a time when it’s incredibly important to consciously balance our human and artificial interactions on a daily basis.”

With more than 500k career streams to date, as well as support from the likes of Apple Music, Ones To Watch, Flaunt and Wonderland, KAYLS is well on her way to achieving stardom.