kid apollo – camera shy

Photo / Milo Belgrove

London-based trio kid apollo continue to prove themselves as one of the city’s most promising new alternative R&B outfits with the release of ‘camera shy’.

Lifted from their upcoming ‘u the real star here’ EP (out 19th November), the song was written and produced by the band themselves alongside the help of acclaimed producer Tev’n.

The track was inspired by the idea of being drawn to someone simply because of the way that they mystify and intrigue you. Elaborating further on the lyricism, singer and producer Jimmy HM explains:

“This song’s about when you’ve met someone but for whatever reason, they just seem different to most people that you’ve met before. You never really know what they’re thinking/ feeling but that’s what keeps you there in a weird way. I feel that comfort – in this sense – is actually what pushes you away, even if you think you’re wanting that stability.”

kid apollo

kid apollo – all on me

Photo / Milo Belgrove

Acclaimed Brixton-based trio kid apollo return today with yet another supreme fusion alternative R&B and lo-fi pop.

Co-produced by the legendary Dom Valentino, new single ‘all on me’ serves as a taster to the group’s forthcoming second EP (out this winter).

Lyrically, the song tackles the stresses and anxieties associated with being a teenager in London, while also providing listeners with an insight into the darker side of city’s nightlife.

“‘all on me’ is just me talking about how the small things can affect and influence one another when you’re talking to someone. Quickly, these small things start to seem much bigger than they should be, but that’s neither person’s fault. The song for us just felt like a good way of expressing this without it feeling too serious, which things way too often do.” – Jimmy HM, kid apollo

Since the release of their debut EP all i think aboutlast year, this emerging outfit have picked up airplay on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, while also garnering praise from industry heavyweights like COLORS, i-D, The Line of Best Fit, Notion, DUMMY, CLASH, Before The Data and Fashionably Early.

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kid apollo – lose yourself.

One of my favourite outfits to emerge from London this year, kid apollo are back with a gorgeously introspective and moving song.

‘lose yourself.’ is an absorbing slice of lo-fi R&B that provides a stark insight into life in the English capital as a teenager.

“I wrote ‘lose yourself.’ to get across how I really felt when being consumed by the city, in both good and bad ways. I talk about how I often found myself using things that London offered to distract me from people and situations that I’ve had to leave in the past – ‘Replace it, No drama’.” – Jimmy HM, kid apollo

Debut EP ‘all i think about’ is out on the 10th November 2021.

kid apollo

New Music: kid apollo

Hailing from Brixton in London comes teenage outfit kid apollo. With a visceral and hushed hybrid of RnB and pop, this trio are crafting songs that are sonically interesting and lyrically engaging.

“We’re expressing our experiences within the way we live through our music. We aim to never restrict ourselves to one genre as this wouldn’t reflect the type of artists we are. Whether the songs are talking about relationships or our last function, all we really want when someone first listens to our music is for them to be in their own space and get lost in the songs.”

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