Late Runner – Catch Your Eye (Organ Trio Version)

Anne-Sofie Madsen / Anders Christiansen

Acclaimed Danish artist Late Runner (aka Asger Tarpgaard) returns today with an interesting new project that is sure to excite fans of Scandinavian indie-pop.

Originally written back in 2017, the new Organ Trio version of ‘Catch Your Eye’ reworks the song into a perfected slice of nu-disco.

The track is lifted from a wider collection of works (out now) that have all received the Organ Trio treatment, of which Tarpgaard explains:

“The four songs are special organ trio-versions of Late Runner tracks. It’s more electronic than ‘the usual’ Late Runner sound. It’s somehow a detour before I’ll return to the more acoustically driven Late Runner sound later this year.”

Late Runner

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